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Understand and improve network performance

Auvik collects performance and health statistics for your client networks every minute, giving you a data-rich view of what’s happening. See things like where traffic is flowing, how bandwidth is charting, and where packet loss errors are spiking. Simple graphs help visualize the information and detailed data is available with a single mouse click.

Auvik feature - network performance monitoring and statistics

  • Always on monitor. A real-time data feed at your fingertips means never again having to log into a CLI to type ‘show’ commands. Win!
  • Actionable. Stats like bandwidth and utilization across the network, per device, and per interface help you perform load balancing, traffic shaping, and capacity planning.
  • Smartly aggregated. Stats are collected per interface but aggregated over device, subnet, and VLAN networks so you can see how configurations work together.
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