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Get next-level network insights
from client NetFlow data

Auvik TrafficInsights enhances NetFlow data with machine learning to show you who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going. Even when the traffic’s encrypted.

It’s the visibility you need to…

Troubleshoot network
performance issues

When your client calls to tell you their internet is slow, the last thing you want to do is waste time trying to find the root cause—or worse, say you don’t know why. With TrafficInsights, you won’t have to. Instead, you can investigate network traffic spikes in real-time, identify who’s behind them, and determine if the applications they’re using are for work or for play.

Auvik TrafficInsights main dashboard

Auvik TrafficInsights application breakdown

Right-size the network for every client

Is your client running out of bandwidth because employees are running cloud backups and large file downloads, or because they’re streaming Netflix and Spotify all day? TrafficInsights gives you in-depth information on how the network is being used—and if the traffic’s business-related—so you can confidently make the case for a network upgrade or expansion.

Defend the network against attack

You often don’t know your client’s network has been compromised by a malicious actor until it’s too late. With real-time visibility into network traffic, you can see where traffic is coming from and if it’s going where it’s supposed to. And if malicious traffic gets past your client’s network defenses, you can see which devices were infected as the traffic moved through the network.

Auvik TrafficInsights geolocation

Setup is seamless
You don’t need any extra devices or software to start using TrafficInsights. Simply set up your existing Auvik collector to ingest flow-based data and you’re good to go.
Common flow protocols are supported
Flow data can be collected from any device supporting NetFlow v5 or v9, IPFIX, sFlow, or J-Flow, which translates to nearly every firewall and router, and some switches too.
Insights are actionable
Easily see visual representations of traffic by application, protocol, IP, port, and web domain; top addresses and top conversations; and where traffic is going once it leaves the network.

Patrick Garman, Network Solutions at WBM Technologies Inc.

“One of our customers was experiencing network performance issues and TrafficInsights showed us exactly what was causing the issue. It turned out the firewall was being taxed by storage traffic. We moved this traffic off the device and instantly improved the client’s connectivity.”

Patrick Garman Network Solutions at WBM Technologies Inc.
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