8 Reasons Not to Miss Cisco Live US 2015

Photo: Dan DeChiaro, on Flickr

8 Reasons Not to Miss Cisco Live US 2015

Cisco Live US 2015 happens June 7 – 11, 2015 in San Diego, Calif. Here are 8 reasons to mark it on your calendar and book your plane ticket, stat.

  1. You can attend hands-on technical seminars and labs.
  2. The technical labs and seminars are four- to 8-hour sessions that let you do some hands-on troubleshooting, tackle “what if” scenarios, and play with gear you might not have back at your workplace. And they’re led by Cisco experts and the engineers who wrote that RFC that made your head explode a little bit. The labs are an additional cost on top of your main registration fee, but totally worth the dough.

  3. You get a free certification exam.
  4. Ready to write one of your Cisco certification exams? Do it at the conference and you can write it for free. That’s right—the cost is included in your full conference pass. Remember to register in advance if you want to take advantage of this pretty sweet deal.

  5. You have 650+ sessions to choose from.
  6. There’s something here for everybody. Topics run the gamut from devops to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Troubleshooting IPv6, and they’re led by some of the greatest speakers in the industry.

    Sessions run on three tracks — 1000 for introductory, 2000 for intermediate, and 3000 for the most advanced topics — so you can tailor your schedule to your experience and interest level.

    Among the many awesome sessions that are lined up: Denise Fishburne on the techniques of a network detective and Cisco Press author Aaron Woland on Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).

    session at Cisco Live US

    Photo: Jeff Fry

  7. You’ll be in San Diego in June.
  8. A California location is very exciting benefit if, like me, you make your home in Canada. Or any other chilly region, for that matter. Sunshine! Warmth! Palm trees!

  9. You can sign up for 1:1 time with Cisco experts.
  10. Have a burning technical question about your deployment? Don’t miss this chance to sit down with a Cisco expert to get specific answers. It’s an amazing feature of the conference that can help you level up your network when you get home.

  11. You get to rub shoulders with a lot of smart network pros.
  12. Half the fun of Cisco Live is getting to interact with other IT pros to talk shop. It’s a great way to learn and get a second opinion on problems you may be facing. You’re not going to find a smarter bunch, either. Last year, a record 25,000 people attended CLUS in San Francisco. Check out this amazing Twitter list of Cisco Live 2014 attendees put together by Tom Hollingsworth.

    In 2015 — who knows? Maybe it will be another record-breaking attendance year. Either way, you’re guaranteed to meet a ton of great people.

  13. You get an awesome hat.
  14. Every year, there’s a new hat given out at the Customer Appreciation Event. You may have already missed the year of the sequined fedora (yes, I know, I’m pretty broken up about it myself), but who knows what will be available this year?

    Cisco Live US CLUS hats 2014 2013 2011 2010

    Cisco Live hats from the last few years. Hat tip (oh, very punny) to Fryguy for the pics

  15. Auvik will be there with a big announcement!
  16. Yep, we’ve got some big news that we’re holding under our hats (sadly, no, they’re not sequined fedoras). But come June, we’ll be spilling the beans. Stop by booth 1236 at the World of Solutions exhibition hall to say ‘hi’ and get the scoop. I’ll be there, along with Auvik co-founders Alex Hoff and Marc Morin, and Auvik’s marketing VP, Jacqui Murphy.

    Auvik team at Cisco Live US 2015

    Come meet the Auvik team at Cisco Live 2015. L to R: Marc Morin, Alex Hoff, Jacqui Murphy, me! (Dana Vandepoele)

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