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Don’t Let These Wi-Fi Pitfalls Trip You Up

When it’s time to add or rework a wireless network for a client, a lot of little things need to line up for the venture to be successful. And if you’re not careful, you risk disrupting your client’s business and damaging your reputation. Make sure you avoid these common Wi-Fi pitfalls.

How to Secure That Small Business WLAN

There are many ways to approach wireless security, and businesses of any size have options. Let’s talk about how I approach my own small- and mid-sized business (SMB) settings when it comes to security and Wi-Fi.

PSK Wi-Fi Isn’t Going Anywhere

Welcome to the world of PSK Wi-Fi, a place none of us seem able to escape and where many of the devices you need to support are woefully under-capable when it comes to security.

What’s in a Wireless Network Name?

Sometimes wireless network names—or SSIDs—are silly. Sometimes they’re cold and stodgy. But regardless of how much personality a network name has, there’s often more significance to the operational importance of those names than meets the eye.

Small-Business Wireless: 7 Tips for Getting It Right

SMBs have the same reliance on technology as bigger environments. So when it comes to Wi-Fi for small business, the requirements for getting things right are no less rigid. Let’s talk about how to do small-business wireless right.

Effective Wi-Fi Gear for Small and Mid-Sized Business

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need wireless as much as big environments do, but often don’t have the in-house talent or budget to use top-end gear. Thankfully, there are a lot of attractive WLAN offerings in the SMB space.
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