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MSPs Gain Greater Insight Into Network Usage and Performance With New Auvik-Kentik Partnership

WATERLOO, ON / May 25, 2016 — Managed service providers have improved options for analyzing and managing network traffic with the announcement of a partnership between Auvik Networks and Kentik.

Kentik’s big data network traffic analytics and reporting capabilities are now available directly within Auvik’s infrastructure-focused remote monitoring and management system.

Managed service providers using Auvik can choose to turn on a feature called AuvikFlow that offers a set of six real-time network traffic reports. The reports are powered by Kentik’s data engine.

AuvikFlow reporting gives MSPs the ability to identify and analyze network traffic patterns and bottlenecks, and to look at traffic flows down to the level of individual devices to clearly understand which devices are causing which network conditions.

“Analyzing packet traffic flows can help with everything from network security by monitoring for suspicious patterns, to identifying employees who are hogging bandwidth with a Netflix obsession,” said Alex Hoff, Auvik’s VP Product and Sales.

AuvikFlow reporting is available on any device that can generate NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9, Jflow, IPFIX, or sFlow. The service can be turned on per device, giving MSPs granular control of the networks they manage.

“The Auvik-Kentik partnership offers two powerful systems through one dashboard,” said Jim Frey, VP Product for Kentik. “Meshing Kentik’s real-time, actionable insights about network activity with Auvik’s real-time discovery, mapping, and monitoring delivers incredible value to MSPs looking for ways to optimize their network management services.”

AuvikFlow is available beginning May 25, 2016. Interested customers can contact their Auvik sales rep to get started.

About Auvik Networks Inc.

With its cloud-based network management system, Auvik helps managed service providers build a profitable network service. Auvik’s infrastructure-focused RMM (remote monitoring and management) provides unprecedented insight into client networks and automates complex and time-consuming tasks so MSPs can scale their businesses efficiently. Auvik was named to the ChannelE2E 100 list in 2016, which identifies top disruptors and innovators in the IT channel. Visit or follow @AuvikNetworks on Twitter.

About Kentik

Kentik provides Kentik Detect, the industry’s first purpose-built big data platform fornetwork visibility and analytics that delivers network intelligence at scale. Kentik processes tens of billions of data records per day, equipping service providers, Web enterprises and network operations teams with actionable insights that enable them to make quick, cost-effective decisions. The company was founded by network and Big Data technologists and executives from companies like Akamai, CloudFlare, YouTube and Netflix, with decades of experience in operations, architecture and distributed systems. Kentik is headquartered in San Francisco, California. Visit: or follow @KentikInc on Twitter.

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