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Autotask-Auvik Integration Gives MSPs Full Automation Support on Network Services

WATERLOO, ON Nov 3, 2015 — Auvik Networks and Autotask, a leading IT business management platform, today announced the integration of their products to help managed service providers build out complete—and profitable—managed network services.

Auvik’s cloud-based network operations system provides real-time visibility and control of client network infrastructure. It’s been described as remote monitoring and management (RMM) with a strong focus on infrastructure devices like routers, switches, and firewalls.

This makes Auvik an effective complement to Autotask, which offers powerful endpoint management in addition to billing, service desk, project management, and other business functions.

“Autotask and Auvik are an efficiency 1-2 punch for MSPs,” said Alex Hoff, Auvik’s vice-president of product management. “Now that Auvik and Autotask are integrated, MSPs can offer a complete network service that’s integrated with their core business functions.”

Auvik’s alerting system integrates into Autotask’s ticketing capabilities, automatically generating action items for technicians when network events require their attention. With this sort of automation, issues can often be detected and fixed before customers even know they happened.

“Workflow automation and integration are critical for service providers to grow their businesses,” said Len DiCostanzo, senior vice president, community and business development for Autotask. “Efficiency-wise, Auvik brings to network operations what Autotask brings to business management so our integration is a fantastic alliance that will help MSPs enhance their profitability.”

About Auvik Networks Inc.

With its cloud-based network operations system, Auvik helps MSPs build a profitable managed network service. Auvik’s software provides unprecedented insight into client networks and automates complex and time-consuming tasks so MSPs can scale their practices efficiently. Gartner named Auvik a Cool Vendor in IT operations management in 2015. For more information, visit

About Autotask Corporation

Autotask Corporation helps IT organizations worldwide work smarter with a complete, cloud-based IT business management platform that enables efficiency, accountability and access to the metrics that drive intelligent business decisions. With built-in best practices and workflow automation, Autotask speeds time to revenue while continually improving service delivery. Autotask is available in seven languages and used in over 90 countries. Headquartered in New York, Autotask has offices in Beijing, Chicago, Dallas, London, Los Angeles, Munich and Sydney. Visit for more information.

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