Auvik Expands to the Last Mile of the Network with Acquisition of Saaslio and Boardgent

Auvik’s Acquisitions Advance End-User Experience Initiatives, Creating Greater Business Efficiencies for MSPs and Network Administrators

WATERLOO, ON, October 12, 2022 – Auvik, an award-winning provider of cloud-based network management software, today announced the acquisitions of Saaslio and Boardgent as part of its plans to expand its capabilities to help managed service providers (MSPs) and internal IT departments effectively manage the end-user experience regardless of location and which applications are being used. With the acquisitions of Saaslio, a leading SaaS discovery solution enabling MSPs to securely manage applications, and Boardgent, an intuitive platform for managing and protecting desktops and laptops remotely, Auvik will provide a unique toolset to give IT pros more control, visibility, and troubleshooting capabilities over the new last mile of the office network.

“An organization’s ability to be productive is paramount anywhere,” said Marc Morin, CEO, and Founder, Auvik. “Auvik is working to support distributed-first organizations that need a centralized tool to monitor and manage the modern work environment. Auvik, Saaslio, and Boardgent have a similar approach to the market and how we value our clients. We believe that the combination of our deep expertise in network monitoring and management, experienced workforces, proprietary technologies, and innovative solutions allows our unified company to deliver the ultimate network monitoring platform.”

Historically, productivity, collaboration, and work happened within the confines of the traditional network, but the pandemic accelerated and solidified the distributed work trend, relocating where work happens and creating new challenges for IT teams. This shift created a new last mile of the office network located on home networks, 4G & 5G hotspots, and unsecured WiFi in places like cafés—well beyond the control of IT teams.

Combined with industry-leading WiFi troubleshooting technologies gained in its recent acquisition of MetaGeek, the additions of Saaslio and Boardgent will allow Auvik to help IT organizations ensure end-users can collaborate, innovate, and remain productive regardless of their location or which applications they are using. Auvik’s evolving product line will give IT departments the ability to easily identify, isolate and resolve issues impacting the end-user experience—an area not covered by traditional endpoint management and RMM tools—at the network, application, and endpoint levels.

Saaslio’s SaaS discovery solution enables IT professionals to uncover, manage, and secure SaaS ecosystems. Built to provide insights and tactical data, both Auvik and Saaslio strive to make it possible for IT teams to manage cloud applications, ease friction, and build trust with the companies they serve.

“The advent of SaaS productivity apps has enabled the work-from-anywhere trend and lessened reliance on VPN connectivity, further complicating the work IT teams must do to keep end-users productive,” said John Harden, Founder, Saaslio. “Now, Saaslio and Auvik will provide IT professionals visibility and centralized control beyond the office firewall and into SaaS applications and issues facing end-users.”

Founded in 2019, Boardgent provides a solution that allows IT teams to remotely support end-users and manage endpoints through an intuitive web-based interface. Auvik and Boardgent share a passion for providing IT teams with easy-to-use solutions that bolster existing endpoint management and troubleshoot issues affecting the end-user experience.

“Much like Auvik, we want to enable IT pros to quickly resolve any end-user impacting issues,” said Ricardo Polo Jaramillo, CEO, Boardgent. “By joining forces, IT teams can now have the ability to diagnose and resolve end-user experience issues as they arrive, no matter where they sit on the new network.”

Customer Reactions:

“At Fireminds, we are excited that Auvik is extending their monitoring and management capabilities to cover not just Wi-Fi, but also SaaS applications and remote devices,” said Conor McGowan, CEO of MSP, Fireminds, “This extension will make our Network-as-a-Service offering more scalable and invaluable to our clients across financial services, telco, and the oil and gas sectors, from South America to the Caribbean to Alaska.”

“With tens of thousands of guests per month, including both convention attendees and leisure visitors alike, our IT staff of seven is expected to deliver a seamless online experience,” said Chet Patel, Director of Innovation & Technology, Caribe Royale Orlando, “We are thrilled that Auvik is evolving to provide visibility into bandwidth, Wi-Fi, application usage, device performance, as well as the ability to remotely troubleshoot and remediate–this allows hospitality IT teams like us to successfully deliver that experience every time.”

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About Boardgent

Boardgent has created a unique solution designed to help IT pros remotely support end-users and their devices. The Boardgent team are experts in remote device management. Throughout their history, Boardgent has led the way in creating solutions that help IT departments provide support to end users in a distributed workforce. In the new world of distributed work, Boardgent’s software plays a critical role in helping organizations manage, maintain and secure laptops and desktops.

About Saaslio

Saaslio has developed a next-generation SaaS application discovery and management platform. Founded in 2020, Saaslio has led the way in creating a solution that helps provide SaaS insights and analytical data for MSPs to help manage their clients’ SaaS ecosystems. Saaslio’s software helps IT pros better serve their end-users in the new world of distributed work.