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Auvik has acquired network traffic analytics company Talaia.

Talaia uses machine learning to go beyond NetFlow to gain deeper network traffic insights.

Talaia will be integrated into Auvik as a component called TrafficInsights.

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TrafficInsights will help keep your client networks running safely and efficiently.

For starters, you’ll be able to answer questions like:

  • Why is the network slow? Whyyyyyy?
  • Who’s consuming all the bandwidth?
  • What activity is that IP up to? Where in the world is it located?
  • What applications and services are being used on my client’s network? Are there any unauthorized?

TrafficInsights will give you visibility into:

  • All traffic flows across monitored devices
  • Traffic by application, protocol, source and destination IPs and ports
  • Top addresses and top conversations
  • Visual representations of where traffic is going once it leaves the network
  • Sources and destinations by geo-location
  • Traffic going to and coming from known or suspected malicious sites

TrafficInsights is coming soon to Auvik’s network management system.

To be notified as new functionality becomes available, subscribe to the TrafficInsights notification list using the form above.

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