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“Auvik SaaS Management is part of a bundled solution we offer to all our customers. We primarily use it for two things: shadow IT monitoring and SaaS license management. We also use it for SaaS compliance, i.e., to ensure people aren’t using tools they shouldn’t be using.”

Chief Executive Officer

A secure and compliant SaaS environment – simplified. 

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Discover & manage

Understand all SaaS apps in use, even Shadow IT, to take control of your SaaS environments.

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Reduce compliance risks

Track applications on your network and protect your data to ensure adherence to regulations.​

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Secure a large volume of assets

Identify vendor security incidents, prevent login sharing, and stop personal accounts for corporate apps.

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Overview of ASM

Understand even more about how Auvik SaaS management can support your business with a brief overview of functionality.

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Be like Jon

Learn how Jon Fitrzyk was able to operationalize Auvik SaaS Management in his business to reduce operational costs and improve his businesses security posture.

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ASM Feature Overview

Review the deep features that Auvik SaaS management offers to support your business and it’s needs.