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Gain deep visibility into traffic flows across the network with Auvik TrafficInsights™. See who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going.

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Applications & Protocols

Identify which applications are being used and if they’re business-critical

TrafficInsights leverages machine learning and traffic classification to show you which applications—like Dropbox, Netflix, or Slack—or protocols are using up the bulk of the network’s bandwidth so you can confidently make the case for a network upgrade or expansion.

Top Talkers

Easily see which devices are hogging all the bandwidth

When investigating a network traffic spike retroactively or in real-time, you can immediately identify who’s behind the bandwidth hogging using easy-to-read charts showing top source addresses, destination addresses, conversations, and ports.

screenshot - Top Talkers
screenshot - Geolocation


See exactly where traffic is going when it leaves the network

TrafficInsights displays real-time traffic source and destination data in a simple world map. If you identify traffic is being received from or delivered to an unauthorized or unexpected country, you can dig deeper to verify if the traffic is legitimate or malicious, and take necessary steps to protect the network.


Dig into device flow data for more insights

If the analyzed data in the applications and protocols, top talkers, and geolocation views isn’t quite enough to solve your issue and you need to dig deeper, you can dive into sampled flow records for all the information you need.

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