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Gain full network visibility, respond to network issues in real-time, and protect your users from unnecessary downtime.

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Alerts & Notifications

Stay on top of network events with preconfigured & customizable alerts

As soon as it’s deployed, Auvik begins monitoring the network with over 50 pre-configured alerts tuned to industry best practices and ranging from informational to emergency. And don’t worry, you can tweak pre-configured alerts, add your own, and choose how often you receive notifications for each one.

Live & Historic Data

Get real-time metrics about your network as it changes—and go back to review the data whenever you need

Auvik is constantly monitoring and polling your network—from topology to config history to device performance—to give you a real-time look at your network at a single point in time. The network data Auvik detects is stored for years, giving you a rich archive for troubleshooting, analysis, planning, and reporting.

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Get to the root cause of network issues faster and reduce your MTTR

Auvik centralizes syslog for all of your network devices. You can view the logs directly from the device dashboard, giving you more context so you can quickly troubleshoot network issues.

VPN Monitoring

Protect remote workers from VPN capacity issues

When SSL VPN monitoring is enabled on a firewall in Auvik, you can instantly see how many VPN sessions are in use and if you’re approaching your license limit. You’ll save hours otherwise spent manually collecting the data one device at a time and protect remote users from unnecessary downtime caused by capacity issues.

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Internet Connection Check

Instantly know if internet connectivity issues are caused by the network or the ISP

VoIP calls not working? Video conferencing lagging? Auvik gives you the data you need to see if your ISP is experiencing higher than usual latency, dropped packets, or jitter. You’ll also be the first to know when we can no longer reach your site’s default gateway or your site’s primary internet connection has failed over to a secondary connection. Managing multiple sites using different ISPs just got a whole lot easier.

Save time and see your network like never before.

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