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4 Key Takeaways From the 2019 Managing Network Vendor Diversity Report

The managed services industry has experienced a lot of change: tech trends are evolving, new products are being released, and client expectations are growing. The 2019 Managing Network Vendor Diversity Report shows just how crowded and fragmented…

Annette HynesOct 1, 2019

How to Solve Network Cases Like a Super Sleuth With Auvik TrafficInsights™

With Auvik TrafficInsights, if any traffic flows through a flow-enabled network device, you can see who’s on the network, what…

Annette HynesAug 6, 2019

Why 50,000 Podcast Downloads Is Kind of a Big Deal

Earlier this month, the Frankly MSP podcast crossed 50,000 all-time downloads. Next month, we’ll release our 50th episode. Here's why…

Jennifer TribeJul 30, 2019

The #TreatWave Is Back for Another Summer of Sweet Scoops

Summer’s here and the time is right for kicking back, having fun, and scooping some sweet MSP treats. You know what that means—it’s…

Annette HynesJul 16, 2019

5 Ways to Troubleshoot Faster, Boost Security, and Upsell Clients with Auvik TrafficInsights™ – (On Demand)

With Auvik TrafficInsights, MSPs have deep visibility into all traffic that flows across client networks, so you can be confident knowing…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfJul 5, 2019

Auvik Use Case: Keep Clients Up to Date on the Value You’re Providing

When you use Auvik, you can remind your clients you’re always looking out for them, and keep them up to date on all the work you’re…

Annette HynesJun 4, 2019

Auvik Roadmap Update (May 2019) – Webinar (On Demand)

Auvik TrafficInsights™ isn’t our only plan to ‘Wow our customers’ in 2019. In this one-hour webinar, Auvik AVP of Product…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfApr 16, 2019

Auvik Use Case: Troubleshoot Network Performance Issues

Network performance issues can take hours and a truck roll to fix—unless you have Auvik. Here's how Auvik makes quick work of…

Annette HynesApr 16, 2019

Auvik Use Case #4: Support All the Network Equipment Your Clients Have

It would be ideal if every network device you managed across all your client sites was from the same manufacturer, though for most MSPs…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfMar 26, 2019

Auvik Use Case #12: Fast Client Onboarding

After using Auvik to expedite client onboarding, you can repurpose the time you’ve saved to optimize their IT environment. That’s a…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfFeb 19, 2019

Troubleshooting Network Issues With Auvik – Webinar (On Demand)

Host Steve Petryschuk, director of systems engineering at Auvik, will walk through the most common MSP client networking issues, and how…

Sam TrieuFeb 7, 2019

The Top 10 Auvik Blog Posts of 2018

In 2018, Auvik published 50 blog posts—each one packed with what we hope is rich content to help you manage networks or build your MSP…

Jennifer TribeDec 18, 2018

Auvik Use Case #6: Identifying Vulnerable Devices From Vendor Recalls and Security Notices

When network hardware vendors issue device recalls, field notices, or security alerts, the implication can be massive for MSPs. But Auvik…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfNov 20, 2018

Where Was the Bear? At IT Nation 2018!

Hats off to an awesome IT Nation 2018. Here's how it all went down.

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfNov 13, 2018

Assessing New Prospects for Managed Services – Webinar (On Demand)

On this webinar with Continuum, Alex Hoff, VP of product and sales at Auvik Networks shares how you can you gain real-time network…

Sam TrieuNov 1, 2018

Auvik Roadmap Update (Oct 2018) – Webinar (On Demand)

We have a jam-packed product roadmap through the end of 2018 and beyond—and we want to give you a sneak peek. Patrick Albert, Auvik’s…

Jennifer TribeOct 12, 2018

Auvik Use Case #15: Scaling Your Business Without Scaling Your Team

Auvik automates many tedious network management tasks to rocket your team's efficiency. With Auvik in your tech stack, you can grow your…

Alex HoffOct 9, 2018

Auvik Use Case #2: Automatically Acquiring Network Inventory

To effectively support and manage a client’s network, you need to know what’s really there. Doing inventory by hand takes too much…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfSep 11, 2018

The MSP Summer Treat Wave Is Back!

10 days, 10 treats, 1 awesome grand prize! Summer’s here and the time is right for kicking back, having fun, and collecting some MSP…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfJul 10, 2018

4 Reasons to Earn Your Auvik Certified Professional Designation

Complete Auvik’s new certification program to earn an Auvik Certified Professional (ACP) designation. Here are 4 reasons to grab your…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfJun 19, 2018

Auvik Use Case: Stand Out From Your Competitors With Network Monitoring and Management

The MSP market is crowded. And for potential clients, a lot of MSPs look the same—similar services, similar quotes, similar commitments…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfJun 5, 2018

Auvik Use Case #16: Making the Business Case for Evolving a Client Network

Part of owning a client network—taking full responsibility for it—is providing strategic guidance, guidance that makes sure the…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfMay 1, 2018
[image] Auvik Use Case #8: Troubleshooting Internet ConnectionsFrankly MSP blog icon

Auvik Use Case #8: Troubleshooting Internet Connections

With Auvik’s internet connection check, you can get out in front of internet issues so you’re aware of the problem—and potentially…

Jennifer TribeFeb 27, 2018

The 10 Most Popular Auvik Blog Posts of 2017

These were the 10 most popular Auvik blog posts published in 2017. Many, many thanks to all our readers.

Jennifer TribeDec 19, 2017
[image] Auvik Use Case #3: Network Configuration BackupsFrankly MSP blog icon

Auvik Use Case #3: Network Configuration Backups

Stuff happens—and not all of it can be predicted or avoided. But no matter what causes network downtime, getting your client back up as…

Jennifer TribeNov 28, 2017

Auvik Use Case #1: Automatically Mapping a Client’s Network in Real-Time

Give static, manually drawn network maps the boot in your MSP. Let Auvik handle it all—and watch your efficiency improve.

Jennifer TribeOct 17, 2017
[image] Podcast? We Love Podcasts!Frankly MSP blog icon

Podcast? We Love Podcasts!

Roar! Frankly MSP is a new podcast that helps managed service providers run an IT business with the ultimate in productivity, efficiency,…

Sarah Cunningham-ScharfOct 3, 2017

Auvik Use Case #7: Finding and Fixing Network Loops

Network loops are one of those things that can have you tearing your hair out for days, burning through billable hours while your client…

Jennifer TribeSep 5, 2017

How to Differentiate Your MSP Service Offering With Auvik

When you compare MSPs, the look and feel of the offering is often the same. So when the customer tries to compare MSP A, B, and C, what…

Charles LoveJun 20, 2017

Auvik Use Case #11: Assessing New Prospects for Managed Services

We encourage MSPs to use Auvik during the proposal phase with new accounts for four key reasons.

Jennifer TribeMay 23, 2017

The 10 Most Popular Auvik Blog Posts of 2016

These were the 10 most popular Auvik blog posts of 2016. Many, many thanks to all our readers. May 2017 hold everything you're hoping for!

Jennifer TribeDec 27, 2016
[image] Auvik’s Top 25 Most Popular Curated Articles of 2016Frankly MSP blog icon

Auvik’s Top 25 Most Popular Curated Articles of 2016

What's everybody reading? These were the most frequently clicked tech, network, channel, and general business articles that Auvik curated…

Jennifer TribeDec 20, 2016

Earn Rewards With the Auvik Referral Program

You can now earn rewards for recommending us to your friends and colleagues! There are three easy ways to participate in the new Auvik…

Jennifer TribeDec 13, 2016

Rogue IT Almost Cost This MSP’s Client $1 Million. Almost.

At 2 a.m. on a Saturday, California-based MSP ITque got that call: The network had crashed at one of their biggest manufacturing clients.…

Jennifer TribeAug 9, 2016

Setting Up Auvik to Post to Slack

If you’re like us, Slack is a go-to office tool. It’s really handy to collect feeds from a number of different programs and see them…

Jennifer TribeJun 28, 2016

Growing MSP Uncovers Huge Service Efficiencies With Network Infrastructure RMM

Network Doctor, a New Jersey-based MSP, shares how Auvik's network infrastructure RMM has helped them cut ticket resolution time,…

Jennifer TribeMay 10, 2016
[image] How a Hardware Reseller Accelerated Its Transition to Managed ServicesFrankly MSP blog icon

How a Hardware Reseller Accelerated Its Transition to Managed Services

LAN3, a UK-based systems integrator, decided it was time to evolve from a ‘hardware supplier that sells services’ to a ‘services…

Jennifer TribeMar 29, 2016
[image] The Top 10 Auvik Blog Posts of 2015Frankly MSP blog icon

The Top 10 Auvik Blog Posts of 2015

Another year has come and gone, and what a year it’s been! These were the 10 most popular Auvik blog posts about network management in…

Jennifer TribeDec 29, 2015
[image] Just How Fast Is Auvik’s Fast Installation?Frankly MSP blog icon

Just How Fast Is Auvik’s Fast Installation?

Auvik installs and is ready to work on any network in minutes flat. You’ll read this statement in a lot of Auvik’s marketing. But is…

Jennifer TribeSep 29, 2015
[image] Auvik Unveils Network Management Software for MSPsFrankly MSP blog icon

Auvik Unveils Network Management Software for MSPs

With Auvik's new MSP Edition software, we'll be bringing amazingly simple, wickedly powerful network management to more businesses than…

Alex HoffJun 2, 2015
[image] This Is the Auvik WayFrankly MSP blog icon

This Is the Auvik Way

These 7 operational principles guide us in our quest to make the best darn piece of networking software the world has ever seen. This is…

Marc MorinApr 21, 2015
[image] Network Management Should Be Easier: The Auvik StoryFrankly MSP blog icon

Network Management Should Be Easier: The Auvik Story

Network management should and can be easier. Auvik is making it happen. This is our story.

Marc MorinDec 9, 2014
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