Articles written by Annette Hynes

6 Ways to Save Yourself (and Others) From Tech Burnout

Symptoms of burnout start off small, with employees experiencing reduced efficiency and energy, lowered levels of motivation, reduced job…

Annette HynesAug 13, 2019

How to Solve Network Cases Like a Super Sleuth With Auvik TrafficInsights™

With Auvik TrafficInsights, if any traffic flows through a flow-enabled network device, you can see who’s on the network, what…

Annette HynesAug 6, 2019

Network Management in a Nutshell for MSPs

Network management is a big responsibility for MSPs. It includes monitoring and controlling a network to ensure all of its resources are…

Annette HynesJul 23, 2019

The #TreatWave Is Back for Another Summer of Sweet Scoops

Summer’s here and the time is right for kicking back, having fun, and scooping some sweet MSP treats. You know what that means—it’s…

Annette HynesJul 16, 2019

7 Reasons You Won’t Want to Miss Frankly MSP Live 2020

Frankly MSP Live—the new content and networking experience for growth-minded MSPs—happens Jan 13 - 15, 2020 in Santa Barbara,…

Annette HynesJul 2, 2019

17 Tech Support Tickets You’ll Be Happy You Didn’t Receive

We’ve rounded up 17 examples from the r/techsupportgore subreddit that are sure to send a palm to your face and a shiver down your spine.

Annette HynesJun 18, 2019

Auvik Use Case: Keep Clients Up to Date on the Value You’re Providing

When you use Auvik, you can remind your clients you’re always looking out for them, and keep them up to date on all the work you’re…

Annette HynesJun 4, 2019

How One MSP Fuelled Their Business With Firewall as a Service

Under director Leigh Wood's watch, Node IT Solutions went from reselling Fortinet firewalls in 2014 to having every client signed up for…

Annette HynesMay 28, 2019

Auvik Use Case: Gain Visibility Into the Internet of Things

IoT devices can be added to a network without notice, cause unexpected performance issues, and provide an easy attack vector for…

Annette HynesMay 21, 2019

Brace Yourself—768K Day Is Coming

All over the internet, there are ominous rumblings that “768K Day” is on its way—and it’s likely going to happen before May is…

Annette HynesMay 14, 2019

Office Technology You Might Someday Be Managing

Let’s hop in our DeLorean, set the date to 2025, and get a look at some of the futuristic office technology you might one day be…

Annette HynesApr 30, 2019

Auvik Use Case #9: Troubleshooting Network Performance Issues

Network performance issues can take hours and a truck roll to fix—unless you have Auvik. Here's how Auvik makes quick work of…

Annette HynesApr 16, 2019
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