With Auvik TrafficInsights, you can monitor network traffic flow. Watch this video and learn how to spot suspicious traffic spikes before they bring down your services.

TrafficInsights is a monitoring tool that allows you to view and investigate your network traffic in real time in order to enforce application bans and identify network issues quickly.

As an MSP, you put a lot of time and effort into earning your clients’ trust. But that trust can be broken with just three short words: I don’t know. It’s unsettling for you and your clients. With Auvik TrafficInsights, you won’t have to worry. You’ll have deep visibility into all traffic that flows across their network so you can be confident knowing you can answer any questions thrown your way.

Like when they ask you why their internet is slow, you can pull up your TrafficInsights dashboard to immediately identify network traffic spikes. You can dive down into those spikes to see what kind of traffic is involved and can compare that against historical data. You’ll be able to tell them what’s causing that spike and whether or not it’s legitimate business traffic. When they ask you who’s the culprit, who’s hogging all their bandwidth? You can quickly find that answer here in your Top Talkers view. By seeing exactly which device is the bandwidth hog, you can trace that back to the specific user of that device.

In less than a minute. You can be the one who finally helps your client pinpoint who’s been downloading all those movies on company time. When they ask you to find out if anyone’s using banned applications, you can easily audit for those file share apps like Dropbox or peer-to-peer apps like BitTorrent with just a few clicks. Whether encrypted or not, you’ll be able to help your clients enforce their application bans once and for all.

For those extra security-conscious clients who ask you where their traffic is going when it leaves the network, you can use the geolocation maps in TrafficInsights to tell them exactly where it’s going. Or better yet, you can show them. See some traffic going to an unknown server in Russia or North Korea? Places their company has no business dealings in? Knowing this, you can settle your client’s nerves and reinforce their trust in you by adding a geo-restriction rule to the firewall. And if they call you in a panic because their computer has been hacked and they want to know if anyone else has been affected. You can view their flow records to assess the level of impact. You can see everything an infected device did and touched on the network. And unresolved issues on each device that was hit by that malicious traffic. You get to assure your clients you’ve got things under control. When they have questions, you’ll have answers. With Auvik TrafficInsights. It’s the visibility you need to troubleshoot network issues fast.