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My guest today is Scott Millar of IT Rockstars based in Aberdeen, Scotland. Scott is a former systems engineer and was an MSP for 15 years. A year or so ago, he started up IT Rockstars and now spends his time helping MSPs market their businesses.

He has some really cool advice about video marketing and what I like about the tactics he describes is that getting started with them is not a massive task. It’s something that just about any MSP could do with a small investment of time and energy.

Effective Low-Cost Video Marketing Strategies for Your MSP: Interview With Scott Millar

Scott Millar IT Rockstars video marketing
Scott Millar, IT Rockstars

[02:32] Scott has an MSP marketing podcast called IT Rockstars.

[03:27] Scott video records every podcast episode along with the audio.

[03:47] How to get more leads is one of the big questions we hear on Auvik, and that we see asked out in the community on Reddit and Facebook.

[04:51] Scott says video is effective because it allows us to connect on a one-to-one basis.

[05:23] He says authentic videos — not scripted — drive the most engagement. Going live on a daily basis with your iPhone builds an authentic connection with your audience.

[06:30] The most obvious place to post a video would be LinkedIn, because you can connect directly to people who make IT buying decisions.

[07:23] You can go live on Facebook first, then download that video and post it in other places like YouTube and Linked. Using Facebook Live offers some interesting advertising opportunities.

[08:22] LinkedIn Live is still in beta. LinkedIn has a 10-minute video limit. But don’t worry about length. Your goal is being helpful to your audience—focus on that. Have a useful topic, don’t just list your business features.

[10:01] Use the concept of content pillars to come up with video ideas. What do you want your business to be known for? For example, an MSP’s content pillars might be cybersecurity, being prepared, and digital optimization. Then share stories that relate to these pillars.

[11:49] The owner or partner has to be the one creating the videos because they will quite literally become the face of the company.

[12:45] Video is a big opportunity that your competitors aren’t doing…yet.

[13:47] Going live comes across as genuine. Mistakes make you real and are part of being human.

[14:26] Have good audio and a good camera — your phone is likely more than adequate for the task — but the content is what matters the most.

[15:57] After connecting with decision makers on LinkedIn, wait about 90 days, then pick up the phone and give them a call. They’ll have seen your daily videos on their feed and will feel like they know you.

[17:12] You can target specific people using retargeting pixels on anyone who visits your website.

[19:57] On Facebook right now, you only have to pay about two cents to get someone to watch your video. You can track metrics and find which videos convert better and promote those.

[22:55] Video is a massive opportunity. Don’t be afraid. Just press the record button and don’t overthink it.

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