Going Online like it’s 1979, Part 2: The TI-99/4a

I’m excited to get to continue the experiments we started in the first article. Today, we’re moving on from the beloved Atari 800 to another classic from the era: the TI-99. Specifically, the TI-99/4a for those keeping score at home. Can we…

Lawrence PopaDec 7, 2021

Network Nightmares, Vol. 1

The time has come, friends... We asked you for your most frightening tales of networks gone amok! Of cabling that keeps you awake at…

Ryan LaFlammeOct 26, 2021
NVDR Report

Auvik is Doomed

If an Atari 800 is what got me into computers, then it was DOOM that got me into networking. Sounds strange right? But prior to DOOM…

Lawrence PopaAug 17, 2021

Going Online Like it’s 1979: The Atari 800

Classic gear, like the Atari 800, is going through a modern day renaissance. For our test, let’s see if it can connect to a modern day…

Lawrence PopaJun 22, 2021

Ghost in the Machine – FIT 073

In this special Halloween episode, we explore the intersection of IT and the paranormal. Yeah, that’s right. We’re taking our tech…

Ryan LaFlammeOct 29, 2020
O’Reilly Report

17 Tech Support Tickets You’ll Be Happy You Didn’t Receive

We’ve rounded up 17 examples from the r/techsupportgore subreddit that are sure to send a palm to your face and a shiver down your spine.

Annette HynesJun 18, 2019

Office Technology You Might Someday Be Managing

Let’s hop in our DeLorean, set the date to 2029, and get a look at some smart office technology you might one day be expected to manage.

Ryan LaFlammeApr 30, 2019

11 Network Cakes for Hardcore Nerds

If you love all things network as much as we do here at Auvik, you're going to love these 11 nerdy confections. Yum!

Ryan LaFlammeAug 29, 2017

17 Network Stock Photos So Terrible They’re Great

Here’s what happens when you search a stock database for photos about networking, of the computer kind.

Ryan LaFlammeJul 5, 2016
Command Center (N-Able)

The 12 Days of Networking

On the first day of networking my true love gave to me…

Ryan LaFlammeDec 15, 2015

Best of the Rant’s Just for Fun Product Picks 2015

In every issue of the Rant, Auvik’s newsletter for network administrators and service providers, we include a little section called…

Ryan LaFlammeDec 1, 2015

19 Awesome T-Shirts for Tech Geeks

It’s summmmmmmerrrrrr! What better time to round up the best tech geek t-shirts for your wearing enjoyment?

Ryan LaFlammeAug 18, 2015

11 Costume & Pumpkin Ideas for a Network Admin Halloween

It's time to get your Halloween on, network admin style!

Ryan LaFlammeOct 28, 2014