In 2019, the Auvik team and a helpful host of awesome guest authors published 51 blog posts—including this one! Some were about breaking down technical topics, some were focused on boosting your bottom line, and some were just plain fun.

But which posts were the biggest crowd pleasers? Based on web traffic data, here’s our top 10.

out-of-band management alternate access route network management

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10. How to Manage Your Client’s Network—Even When the Network Isn’t Available

Let’s say one of your techs is configuring a client’s firewall and makes a mistake that results in the firewall (and the rest of the network) no longer being accessible. What are your options for fixing the issue? Out-of-band management and console servers to the rescue! | Read it

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9. Do These Things in Your First 30 Days as an MSP Service Desk Manager

Whether you’re determined to succeed in a new service desk manager job or you’re looking to improve your game in an existing role, it always helps to get some tips from those who’ve been there and done that. Here are eight tips from experienced service desk managers to help you make the most of your role. | Read it

MSP sales tool security package

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8. Using Cybersecurity as an MSP Sales Tool

An increasing number of European MSPs are winning managed services clients—by not leading the sales conversation with managed services. Instead, they’re leading the sales conversation by talking about cybersecurity. It’s a lead that any MSP worldwide can follow. Guest post from Richard Tubb. | Read it


quarterly business reviews QBRs MSP guide strategy best practices

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7. An MSP’s Guide to Strategic Quarterly Business Reviews

Quarterly business reviews (QBRs) are one of the best tools you can use when it comes to being transparent and keeping your clients updated on all the work you’re taking care of for them. Guest post from Susan Perez. | Read it


Network interface ports

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6. Next Time You Configure or Update Your Network Interfaces Use This Checklist

There are many things an MSP should consider when defining a standard network interface configuration. In this post, we focus on switches—the device with the highest number of physical interfaces—to help you define a baseline configuration that applies to each one. | Read it

network packet errors packet discards packet loss

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5. Packet Errors, Packet Discards, and Packet Loss: What’s the Difference?

It’s a question the Auvik support team receives often: “What’s the difference between a packet error, a packet discard, and packet loss?” And if you’ve ever typed that sentence—or any other variation—into Google, you’ll know it’s a tricky answer to find. Until now. | Read it

face plam bear worst tech support tickets

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4. 17 Tech Support Tickets You’ll Be Happy You Didn’t Receive

If tech support had a motto, it’d be reminiscent of Rule #4 of the Auvik Way: Even when it’s not your fault, it’s your problem. But sometimes, there are problems so bad you wouldn’t want to deal with them. We rounded up 17 examples from the r/techsupportgore subreddit that are sure to send a palm to your face and a shiver down your spine. | Read it

network segmentation network management security

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3. Network Segmentation Is Great Network Management

Network segmentation—breaking a network into smaller chunks—improves network visibility, monitoring, security, and performance. Here’s what you need to know to make it work for you. | Read it



network device security best practices MSP

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2. 5 Security Best Practices for Network Devices

It’s a sad but common truth that not all network devices are built with security in mind. Some ship with default credentials like admin / admin, with SNMP set to public, or with operating systems that haven’t been updated in years. What can you as an MSP be doing to continually improve the security of your clients’ network infrastructure devices? Here are some things to look at. | Read it

netflow basics monitor network traffic monitoring

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1. NetFlow Basics: An Introduction to Monitoring Network Traffic

You probably have support for NetFlow or other flow protocols on your client devices already. That means you can quickly and inexpensively start gaining vital insights into how your client networks are being used. Here’s how. | Read it

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