Another year is in the books. In 2018, Auvik published 50 blog posts—each one packed with what we hope is rich content to help you manage networks or build your MSP business efficiently and profitably. Which pieces hit home? These were our top 10 blog posts, as measured by traffic. Thanks for reading!


10. 3 Daily Habits MSPs Can Adopt for Success

None of these daily success habits are rocket science. But consistently executed, every day, every week, month after month, year after year, these are the actions of a company that wants to grow. Guest post from Richard Tubb. | Read it


9. The Power of Checklists in Your MSP Business

Checklists are powerful—they create professional results and consistency. They’re part of a building a sustainable business. Yet not enough managed service providers use them. Guest post from Richard Tubb. | Read it


8. Auvik Use Case #8: Troubleshooting Internet Connections

With Auvik’s internet connection check, you can get out in front of internet issues so you’re aware of the problem—and potentially have a solution—before the client calls. | Read it

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7. 3 Switch Features You Should Never Change

In a handful of recent incidents, network engineer Kevin Dooley helped clients troubleshoot network problems. The errors turned out to be switch features that were changed from their default settings. Here are three things you should never change. | Read it


6. How I Strategically Tune Auvik Alerts to Reduce Noise and Optimize Monitoring

Auvik is pre-configured to alert on a list of standard metrics at industry best-practice thresholds. If the thresholds are too low for your client sites, the volume of alerts can be quite high. But this alerting noise can be tuned so you gain greater insight into your client environments with Auvik. Here’s how my MSP did this. Guest post from Corey Kirkendoll. | Read it

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5. 3 Minor Network Alerts You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s obvious you need to deal with emergency and critical network alerts. But what about simple warning alerts? Your first impulse may be to ignore them. But these warnings shouldn’t be dismissed so quickly. In particular, these three fairly common warning alerts could be pointing you to a bigger issue brewing. | Read it


4. The 4 Service Margin Levers an MSP Can Control

Rex Frank of Sea-Level Operations explains the 4 main ways a service desk manager can affect an MSP’s gross margin—including an often overlooked and misunderstood metric called agreement efficiency ratio. | Read it


3. Why CloudFlare’s Latest Product Launch May Pose a Risk to Your Clients’ Networks

No foolin’! CloudFlare’s DNS service, launched Apr 1, had the potential to cause big network issues for you and your clients. Auvik product manager Ray Patel walked you through the problem and how to fix it. | Read it


2. MSP Book Picks 2018: 10 Recommended Books for Growing Your MSP Business

We asked leaders from IT channel companies and MSPs which book they’ve read that left them with actionable learning. Here are their top book picks for MSPs who want to grow. | Read it

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1. An Introduction to APIs for MSPs

What’s an API, what can they do on the network, and why should you care? Our intro guide to APIs for MSPs has the answers. | Read it