It’s that time of year where stores start blasting joyful music, the temperature continues to drop, and Santa gears up for his annual circumglobal adventure.

Before you start lamenting the steady stream of cheesy holiday commercials, we’ve got some good news: there are tons of affordable (and awesome) gadgets and knickknacks you can add to your wish list. Here’s some of our favorite gear under $200 that techs and non-techs alike are sure to love.

Cold Brew Coffee Shots

tech gifts 2017 bizzy cold brew coffee shots

Ideal for a certain philanthropic portly gentleman who will soon have to stay awake for 36 hours while being pulled by flying mammals. Also good for techies who do their best work at 3 a.m.

/ $15 for 6

Book-Themed Candles

tech gifts 2017 book lovers Winterfell candle

A gift idea if you’re a geek who also loves delicious smelling rooms. Scents include Winterfell from Game of Thrones, The Shire from The Lord of the Rings universe, and Sassenach, presumably from Outlander..

/ $18


tech gifts 2017 sensorwake scent smell alarm clock

Instead of waking up to incessant beeping or your significant other’s less-than-Grammy-worthy shower singing, this alarm clock uses scents to rouse you. Choose from six appealing options (including toast, espresso, and grass), and the clock will release the smell over the span of two minutes—but don’t worry, if you sleep through the perfume it’ll play a tune to give you an extra jolt.

/ $79

The Phoozy Phone Protector

tech gifts 2017 phoozy thermal phone capsule

This thermal capsule will protect your mobile device from extreme heat and freezing cold. Perfect for your next vacation in Mexico—or, y’know, winter in Canada.

/ $30

Microscope Lenses for Your Phone

tech gifts 2017 microscope lenses phone

You read that right. Attach these miniature microscope lenses to your phone (both macro and micro are available), and turn your device into a portable laboratory. Sherlock Holmes would kill for this.

/ $27

A Real-Life R2D2

tech gifts 2017 remote-control phone-control R2D2

Star Wars fans rejoice. May the force be with you and your loved ones’ patience with your new remote-controlled droid. The excitement for The Last Jedi is real, folks.

/ $165

Carry-on Cocktail Kit

tech gifts carry-on airplane cocktail kit

Ideal if you’re a frequent flyer—or if you just really like tasty cocktails. Or if you need help getting through your company holiday party.

/ $24

Tile Slim Wallet Tracker

tech gifts 2017 Tile slim wallet tracker

We’ve all been there. We get so engrossed in work that we leave home or the office without our phone, wallet, or keys. You can avoid that gut-sinking feeling by attaching a Tile tracker to your valuables. It’s foolproof—unless you forget to download the app.

/ $30

iFixit Pro Tech Repair Kit

tech gifts 2017 ifixit pro tech repair kit

This compact but comprehensive toolkit will help you tackle any tech repair job. Handiness skills not included.

/ $60

Amazon Echo

tech gifts 2017 Amazon Echo

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Internet of Things making an appearance. Perfect if you want to automate your daily tasks (or reach peak couch potato-ness), the second generation of the Alexa-powered home assistant comes at a more affordable price.

/ $100

Blockitecture Parkland

Blockitecture Parkland building blocks desktop toys

This park building block set one-ups fidget spinners and provides a more creative take on the traditional zen garden. Live out your childhood fantasy of playing with toys at work with this Parkland building set, sure to help you calm your thoughts on a stressful work day—or help you relax after spending the holidays with the in-laws.

/ $25