At 2 a.m. on a Saturday, California-based MSP ITque got that call: The network had crashed.

It was peak production time at one of their biggest manufacturing clients, which stood to lose $25,000 in profit for every hour the line was quiet.

This client had rogue IT, including a firewall, a couple routers, and about a dozen wireless access points they hadn’t mentioned. All completely undocumented.

Luckily, the client had just started working with ITque, and ITque had Auvik. They knew all about the rogue gear—what it was, where it was, what it was running.

When they got that middle-of-the-night call, they logged into Auvik. Within 10 minutes, ITque’s technician spotted an unexpected routing change, saw what the route used to be, and reverted it.

The network came up.

Just like that, ITque saved the client a million bucks. Without the visibility that Auvik provided, ITque could have been there all weekend trying to figure things out from scratch.

Instead, they looked like heroes. And it landed them more business from the client.

“Immediately after that, [the client] asked us to go much deeper into their network and develop a much more robust relationship,” says ITque CTO DJ Forman.

“Auvik’s monitoring and management capabilities, along with the visual representation that they provide, has really been a game changer for us,” adds Rob Naragon, ITque’s CEO.

In the video below, you’ll hear more from Forman and Naragon as they discuss how Auvik helps ITque run their MSP efficiently and profitably.

Ryan LaFlamme

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