Updated: 6 Jun 2017

In this ongoing series, we profile MSP (managed service provider) executives by asking them questions big and small. Have a question you think we should ask? Want to be profiled next? Let us know at blog [at] auvik [dot] com.

Charles Love, Director of Service Delivery, Untangled Solutions

Charles Love
Director of Service Delivery, Untangled Solutions
(a Wheelhouse IT company)

Year Untangled was founded:Untangled Wheelhouse logo

Number of employees

Percentage of business that’s managed services
Flipboard logo
Your favorite conference and why
It’s a tie between ChannelCon and DattoCon. Both provide industry insights.

Where you get your industry news
Twitter and Flipboard mostly.

Your regular coffee order
French vanilla K-Cup with french vanilla creamer
WWE logo
What’s on your smartphone home screen
Flipboard, Find My Friends, Twitter, ConnectWise, email, Pokemon Go, Warcraft Authenticator, Waze, and WWE

How you run a meeting
Standing on the table – just kidding! I like to be on point, with an agenda and round robin closeout. (A bit scrum-style.)

A typical work day for you
A full day of living the MSP life, enjoying watching the team grow, having fun while doing it.
Steve Wozniak
Someone in computer networking whom you admire
The Woz [Steve Wozniak]. He has a great story.

The one trait you look for in new hires
Flexibility. I often ask people how crop circles are made to see their reaction. It’s a misdirect question to see how they think on their feet.

Your best personal productivity tip
Make a ticket for your activities. This way you can track everything!
rubber duckie
Peer or business networking groups you belong to
ASCII and CompTIA are my primaries.

What you’d be doing if you weren’t an MSP
Trying to become one. Or a rubber duck maker.

A geeky secret you have
I collect WWE title belts and accessories, and have them signed.

Podcasts — yes or no?
These are great listen-while-you-work items. Especially great when you have a commute. You need to stay current. How do you expect to know what’s coming out if you don’t listen?

What you wish all software vendors knew
Without you, there is no me. You complete me, LOL!
The Compassionate Geek by Don R. Crawley
Best piece of conference swag you ever received
Novell-branded red Swingline stapler

A book you recommend for MSPs
The Compassionate Geek and 212 The Extra Degree

The Terminator movies — science fiction or the future?
Oh, totally the future!