Every week, the team here at Auvik scans more than 120 news and discussion sources for tech, network, channel, and general business news that can help you perform better as a managed service provider.

Every two weeks, we pull out the top three stories we’ve found and put them in the Rant, our industry newsletter. (Not a subscriber? You can subscribe here.)

Over the course of a year, there’s a lot of good information contained in those newsletters. So this year, we decided to review every 2016 back issue and find out which articles you liked the most—as evidenced by the number of clicks each article received.

And here it is—the list of the most frequently clicked articles that Auvik curated in 2016.

  1. A Marketing Idea That Will Blow Your Socks Off
    source: Business Solutions Magazine

    We don’t often recommend locked resources in the Rant but we think this one is worth registering to access. Hear how one MSP got a bunch of favorable publicity with a clever initiative.

  2. Identifying and Paying Off Technical Debt
    source: Chris Wahl blog

    “Technical debt isn’t a technology problem; it’s a people and process problem. And it’s time to pay up.”

  3. How Slack Can Be a Revenue Generator for Your MSP
    source: Reframe Your Clients blog

    ReframeYourClients, an MSP business platform provider, has an excellent piece this month on how to get one of today’s hottest tools — Slack — making money for you. *coughcough* Auvik integrates with Slack *cough*

  4. Demystifying The 10x Network Engineer
    source: Network Computing

    “Measuring the productivity of a network engineer is harder than that of a programmer. You can’t measure an engineer by lines of code or impressive features, but money made or money saved are great yardsticks.”

  5. IT Service Tickets: Are They Standing in the Way of Your Productivity?
    source: TruMethods blog

    The number of IT service tickets you manage each month is one of the biggest factors in your productivity level. Most MSPs are crippled by this number. But not the top MSPs. They’re addressing fewer tickets per month, and their businesses are far more productive than average. So what’s the secret?

  6. Protecting a Cisco Router From Ping Flooding
    source: Network Computing

    “Nothing is a proper substitute for a real firewall, but sometimes we need to make do with what we have. This tip protects you specifically from ICMP attacks or ping flooding.”

  7. 8 Network Secrets Every MSP Should Know
    source: TruMethods blog

    2016 is shaping up to be the year of the network. Auvik’s recent article on Gary Pica’s TruMethods blog outlines what you should know about networking to take advantage of this industry trend.

  8. Driving IT Productivity Using Automation as a Service
    source: CIO.com

    “Automation as a service is a technology megatrend that’s quietly working its way into peoples’ hearts, daily lives and system processes.”

  9. The Enterprise Network of the Future
    source: SDx Central

    Huawei’s Chang Yue outlines what tomorrow’s networks will require: flexibility, scalability, simplified management, and rock-solid security.

  10. The Future of Networking: Pete Lumbis
    source: Daniel Dib blog

    CCIE Daniel Dib interviews Pete Lumbis, solutions engineer at Cumulus Networks, on where networking is headed and how to prepare yourself (and your business) for the coming changes.

  11. Your Wired LAN Is Dumb … Or at Least It Should Be
    source: Phil Gervasi blog

    “Why aren’t our wired LANs more like WLANs? I want to have the very same benefits managing my wired network as I do managing hundreds of access points with a pair of solid wireless LAN controllers,” writes engineer Phil Gervasi. Indeed.

  12. Pokemon Go is Endangering Your Clients’ Security
    source: Tom’s IT Pro

    The International Association of IT Asset Managers (IAITAM) considers the popular game such as risk that it has called for companies to ban Pokémon Go on both BYOD and corporate-owned devices.

  13. Future Ransomware Will Be Scary-Dangerous
    source: BetaNews

    It could hit infrastructure as well as endpoints. Are you ready for it?

  14. Learn Network Cabling Through 10 Quick but Comprehensive Lessons
    source: TechTarget

    “Network cabling may seem basic, but it’s integral to your network infrastructure. This series of 10 lessons for networking pros explains how common types of network cables work.”

  15. A Loud Sound Just Shut Down a Bank’s Data Center for 10 Hours
    source: Vice

    “In what is a very rare but known phenomenon, it was the loud sound of inert gas being released that destroyed dozens of hard drives.”

  16. Useful Tool for Checking Firewall Rules
    source: Greg Ferro blog

    Network engineer Greg Ferro recommends this free app for testing firewall rules after they’ve been applied. It uses the terminal to make specific HTTP requests to check reachability.

  17. How to Scale Your Limited Network Staff: Get Rid of the Yaks
    source: F5 Networks blog

    By providing the tools to automate and orchestrate many mundane networking tasks, you can make better use of your techs with in-demand networking skills. Good lessons here from tech evangelist Lori MacVittie.

  18. 5 Tips to Avoid Burning Out Your On-Call IT Staff
    source: Network World

    It’s important to support the engineers and other IT workers who are putting out fires at 3 in the morning, while the rest of your company is fast asleep. Here are five tips that can help.

  19. The Network Matters—a Lot
    source: Network World

    “Why do networks matter so much to companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon? Because for a digital business model, the network is critical to delivering rapid innovation and differentiated value to customers.” Some takeways for smaller companies here too.

  20. Network Monitoring: What To Watch
    source: Network Computing

    Pete Welcher of Netcraftsmen has some excellent pointers on key network stats to monitor.

  21. The TTL Trick
    source: Pedro Perez, on Medium

    Or the importance of knowing networking fundamentals so you can blame the network 🙂

  22. 30 Random Technical Thoughts by a Wi-Fi Engineer
    source: Aruba Networks community blog

    Just what the title promises. Some great nuggets in here.

  23. Barefoot Networks’ New Chips Will Transform the Tech Industry
    source: Wired

    “Software is eating the software companies that are eating the world. And Barefoot Networks is helping to feed the beast.”

  24. How to Test for Vulnerable IoT Devices
    source: Computer World

    Did your clients unknowingly participate in the last couple of DDoS attacks that harnessed unsecured IoT devices? Here’s an article on how to quickly check for vulnerabilities.

  25. 10 Office 365 Sites Every MSP Should Bookmark
    source: MSPMentor

    “The Internet is simply bursting with training videos and sales tips for MSPs like you who make their living selling Office 365. So, how do you know which sites are valuable for your business and which ones you should simply avoid?”