These were the 10 most popular Auvik blog posts of 2016. Many, many thanks to all our readers.

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10. Effective Wi-Fi Gear for Small and Mid-Sized Business

Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need wireless as much as big environments do, but often don’t have the in-house talent or budget to use top-end gear. Thankfully, there are a lot of attractive WLAN offerings in the SMB space. Read it

aaS acronyms Saas list

9. The Big -aaS List of As-a-Service Offerings

If your head is spinning with all those cloud acronyms, don’t worry—you’re not the only one. To help, we’ve pulled together a list of 53 as-a-service offerings, everything from BaaS to XaaS. For 22 of the most important, we provide a brief description and a look at the market opportunity. Read it

agile msp methods benefits fast hurdles

8. Agile Methodologies Transformed Our MSP

A Georgia-based MSP cut its average ticket count in half and boosted its customer satisfaction by borrowing agile methodologies from the world of software development. Read it

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7. Network Documentation Best Practices: What to Create & Why

Everybody agrees network documentation is extremely important, but there tends not to be a lot of agreement on what that documentation should include. The short answer is that it should include everything that’s relevant—but what that means varies between networks. Read it

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6. 17 Network Stock Photos So Terrible They’re Great

Here’s what happens when you search a stock database for photos about networking, of the computer kind. Read it

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5. 8 MSP Peer Groups to Support Your Business Success

Networking—the person-to-person kind, not just the computer kind—is critical to running a successful business. Here are 8 great MSP peer groups and the major events they hold. Read it

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4. The New Math of Managed Services

Managed services have changed in recent years, but profit margins have not. Gary Pica shares what you can do differently to boost your MSP’s profitability. Read it

transition to managed services case study Auvik LAN3

3. How a Hardware Reseller Accelerated Its Transition to Managed Services

LAN3, a UK-based systems integrator, decided it was time to evolve from a ‘hardware supplier that sells services’ to a ‘services company that supplies hardware.’ Here’s how they did it. Read it

best books MSPs service provider business

2. 12 Must-Read Books for Growth-Focused MSPs

We asked 12 leaders in the MSP community, from advisors and marketers to service providers themselves, about the one book they’d recommend to other MSPs who want to grow their businesses. Here’s what they picked. Read it

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1. 10 Ways a Small MSP Can Punch Above Its Weight

Being a small MSP doesn’t mean you can’t compete—you just need to be smarter and more efficient than the other guys. Here are 10 ways to step up your game. Read it