Well, we made it. Just under three weeks until the end of 2021. But the year’s not over yet, and in the spirit of… well, everything 2021, we’ve decided one more surprise couldn’t hurt!

But don’t worry, this time it’s a good one: Nifty Gifty is back for another year!

This year, Nifty Gifty has grown. It’s now 15 glorious days of giveaways. Every Monday to Friday, from Dec 6 through Dec 24, we’ll unwrap a cool daily gift from one of our 12 awesome Nifty Gifty sponsors.

And, boy oh boy, the prizes this year! So far, we’ve given away an iPad, an Xbox, and a Samsung TV. And as you can see from our prize calendar, we’ve got some amazing giveaways still to come, too!

How does Nifty Gifty work?

Throwing your wreath in to win is pretty simple:

  • Head over to the Nifty Gifty page now
  • Fill out the nifty form
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email ensuring you are entered
  • Wait for a gifty follow-up message if you’ve won!

That’s it! You can find full terms and conditions here.

Who’s sponsoring the Nifty Gifty?

A bunch of the coolest IT vendors around, that’s who.

But enough out of us. What are you waiting for? Get yourself signed up, and get in on Nifty Gifty before it’s too late. You deserve a great holiday season, let’s see if we can’t make it better. Good luck!

Ryan LaFlamme

About Ryan LaFlamme

Ryan LaFlamme is Auvik's Content Manager. Ryan has worked as an advertising and marketing professional for 10 years, working with leading global brands in Canada and internationally.

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