Network Doctor is a growing managed services provider (MSP) focused on providing a “white glove” level of service to its 80 clients.

“One of our main goals is to be proactive to help our clients maintain the highest possible amount of uptime,” says Andrew Kropf, who heads up the company’s network and data center operations, including all of Network Doctor’s cloud offerings.

“Success for us means as few unpredicted problems as possible, no failures we didn’t get an alert on, no services stopped, no impacts to users.”

Network Doctor’s existing network monitoring tool wasn’t up to the task.

“Our previous solution wasn’t telling us about new equipment being added to the network so we weren’t fully up to date on the client’s environment, and we couldn’t see what was connected where,” says Andrew.

“It wasn’t doing discovery or initial auditing. Onboarding took a lot of time because we had to physically find the equipment. We also had to manually input all the inventory into ConnectWise, our PSA tool, once we found it.”

That’s when Andrew discovered Auvik.

Hear Andrew and managed solutions engineer Ryan Contompasis share how Auvik’s network infrastructure RMM has helped Network Doctor cut ticket resolution time, automate manual processes, and slash onboarding time by 75%.

Download a PDF copy of the complete Network Doctor case study.