Halloween is mere days away. Do you have your costume for the staff party yet? How about your pumpkins for the porch?

No? Oh, that’s right. You’ve been stuck in the server room putting out fires.

But don’t you worry. We here at Auvik have got your back. We’ve scoured the Internet to bring you a list of tech-themed costumes and jack o’ lanterns to brighten your jam-packed day. Some of the costumes are pretty easy to throw together — so you might be able to attend that staff party in full Halloween style after all.

  1. Tux the Linux penguin
  2. We start our Halloween tour with Tux, the venerable Linux penguin. Now, you can’t just buy a Tux costume off the rack. Oh no. It’s not that simple. But you can make one.

    This young man created a homemade Tux costume pattern for you by copying and scaling a stuffed version. A+ for engineering and effort.

    tux Linux penguin costume instructions

    via Instructables

    The pumpkin option
    If carving up vegetables is more your Halloween style, here’s a Tux pumpkin option. You can download a pattern for that too.

    Tux Linux penguin pumpkin carving Halloween

    via Design Web Kit

  3. Spice Rex, the Spiceworks T-Rex
  4. It’s surprisingly devilishly hard to find orange T-Rex costumes in adult sizes. (Why do kids get all the fun stuff?)

    orange t-rex dinosaur spiceworks Halloween costume

    via Halloween Costumes

    Then again, cute as it is, who wants to be stuck inside a giant stuffed animal all day? Instead, show your Spicehead pride with this jaunty chile pepper hat. Easy, breezy, and no orange tights.

    chile pepper hat spicehead spiceworks Halloween costume

    via Santa Fe Reporter

    The pumpkin option

    t-rex Spice rex pumpkin carving

    via Spiceworks

  5. Snoo, the Reddit alien
  6. Here’s a costume you could put together fairly quickly. A white jumpsuit, a homemade antenna thingie, and some red dots – done! (NOTE: Random dude photobomb is not part of the costume.)

    snoo reddit alient easy Halloween costume

    via Theme Me

    The pumpkin option

    snoo reddit alien pumpkin carving

    via somegeekintn on Flickr

  7. Hoover J. Beaver, the Loggly beaver
  8. You’ve probably seen Hoover J. wandering the exhibit floor at conferences. But getting your hands on his costume? Not likely to happen.

    Loggly beaver mascot costume

    via Eventifier

    Your option here is a generic beaver costume. Add some oversized glasses, a hat, and a t-shirt and you’re getting close.

    Loggly beaver network admin Halloween costume

    via Mascots Outlet and Auvik Networks

    The pumpkin option

    beaver pumpkin carving jack o lantern

    via Flickr

  9. The Github octocat
  10. I know this dude is supposed to be a cat and cats are furry, so I’m not sure why the 5 o’clock shadow is wigging me out. Regardless, you can’t deny this is a great costume.

    Github octocat tech network admin Halloween costume

    via Gun.io

    The pumpkin option

    github octocat pumpkin carving tech Halloween

    via Flickr Hive Mind

    BONUS! Creepy Photoshop job
    Not a costume or a pumpkin, just a strangely disturbing Photoshop composite.

    Github octocat Photoshop composite

    via Imgur

  11. Subnet mask
  12. Here’s another easy costume you could pull together in a day. Take an inexpensive mask from the costume store and paste some IP addresses over it. Add some metallic sheen for flair (or buy a shiny mask) and presto! You’re a subnet mask. The t-shirt is just icing on the pumpkin.

    subnet mask network admin Halloween costume

    via ThinkGeek

    The pumpkin option
    Hmmm, let’s see. Jason mask. Majora mask. Phantom mask. Dammit, no subnet masks. *sigh*

    mask carvings pumpkin jason mask majora mask phantom mask

    via YouTube and DeviantArt

  13. Binary code
  14. Speaking of subnet masks, I searched the entire Google and found no evidence that anyone has ever Halloweened as binary code.

    This can only mean two things:

    • I have discovered a rip in the Googleverse.
    • This is a kick-ass opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind deep nerd costume!

    Use this as your inspiration.
    matrix green computer code

    This guy is headed in the right direction but I think you could do better.

    lights tech network admin Halloween costume

    via Popular Mechanics

    P.S. If I’m wrong about there being no binary code costumes out there, let me know in the comments.

    The pumpkin option
    I could find no binary code pumpkins either. Geekdom, you have let me down.

  15. Unicorn
  16. Behold the unicorn, that beguiling and elusive creature of IT.

    If Tom Hollingsworth’s adventures as SDNicorn at Cisco Live are any indication, a unicorn could very well be this year’s most popular techie Halloween costume.

    Networking Nerd network admin Halloween costume

    via Networking Nerd

    Let’s see if we can find some other good unicorn costumes. … Oh dear.

    3 unicorn Halloween costumes for men

    via CostumeFail, The Dingleberry, and Halloween Costumes

    A unicorn mask it is!

    magical unicorn mask network admin halloween

    via Like Cool

    The pumpkin option

    unicorn pumpkin carving


  17. Cloud
  18. Did you think we could have an entire post about networking and not mention the cloud? Ha!

    Here’s a whole suite suit of cloud products.

    cloud network admin Halloween costume

    via Fancy Dress Ball

    Or perhaps you’d like to just disappear into the atmosphere. Shhhh. No one will ever know it’s you when you pull that mask down.
    cloud network admin Halloween costume

    The pumpkin option
    Who puts a cloud on a pumpkin?

  19. Full stack
  20. Reveal your awesomeness and all-round skill by dressing up as a full stack.

    OK, OK, I realize it’s a stack of pancakes. It’s the best I could come up with.

    full stack pancake Halloween costume

    via Amazon

  21. Auvik polar bear
  22. Hey, we know this year’s probably a bit early for putting on an Auvik costume. You’re just getting to know us, after all. But a polar bear – pretty awesome, right? Keep us in mind for 2015 is all we’re saying.

    Oh, and Polar Bear needs a name. If you think of a good one, let us know in the comments.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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