The sprint to the end of the year can be crazy for MSPs—new maintenance templates have to be made, calendars and expenses need to be updated in the PSA, and everyone has to mentally prepare for the in-laws to visit.

Don’t let the Most Hectic Time of the Year affect your bottom line or the health of your team. These nine gadgets will help boost personal productivity, reduce stress, and eliminate distractions so you can help everyone stay focused and productive.

TouchPoints stress relief band bracelets tech gifts 2018

1. Stress-release bracelets to get through the day cortisol-free

These bracelets use subtle vibrations to change how your body reacts to stressful situations. Encourage coworkers to wear them ahead of budget planning meetings or when they trek to the mall on Dec 24 for last-minute shopping. / $160

Magnetica fidget magnets toy stress-free gifts 2018

2. A fidget toy that doesn’t annoy your coworkers

These magnetic balls look super satisfying to fiddle with. It’s also a great gift if you have a coworker who drives you crazy by constantly squeezing a squeaky stress ball or twirling a fidget spinner. You know that grinding sound the spinner makes? No more. / $24

swear-word grownup coloring book stress-free gifts 2018

3. A swear-word coloring book for when a client is driving you crazy

If you have to deal with imperfect clients during end-of-year review meetings, this grownup coloring book can be an outlet for your team’s frustration afterward, and get them back to their calm, cool, and collected selves. / $6

anker solar power cell phone electronics charger tech gifts 2018

4. Solar-powered phone charger so you can stay connected when visiting clients

One of the worst feelings any employee encounters is knowing their phone is going to die, especially if they’re on the road. Eliminate this worry by giving them the gift of a reliable power source. / $47

Truweo posture corrector back brace stress-free gifts 2018

5. A posture corrector to avoid computer-induced hunchback

Spending hours working at a desk can cause back pain, leading employees to subconsciously hunch. Help your colleagues maintain their posture with this affordable gadget. / $20

Backbeat Pro noise-cancelling headphones tech gifts 2018

6. Noise-cancelling headphones that won’t die during the workday

Does someone on your team get perturbed by noise—and short battery life? These headphones cancel out all sorts of distracting sounds and maintain their charge for 24 hours. They also have a microphone for ultimate multitasking. / $270

rocketbook smart notebook tech gift 2018

7. A smart notebook to prevent losing your thoughts as well as your notebook

If someone on your team is forgetful, keeping track of important items like planners, notebooks, and pens can be a stressful task. Give them the gift of a notebook that automatically transfers their notes to the cloud so they rest easy if they forget it on the train. / $27

Saent focus device tech gifts 2018

8. A smart button that reduces distractions while working

This little button does it all: It acts as a do not disturb sign, blocks distracting apps from bugging you while you work, and lets you know when you need a break. If there’s someone on your team who needs reminders to eat food and drink water, this is the solution. / $59

glasses filter blue light eye strain stress

9. Reduce end-of-day eye pain with blue light filtering glasses

Eye headaches are the worst. Help your team keep their eyes healthy and pain-free with these glasses that filter blue light from computer screens. They’ll probably be less grouchy about having to fill out their timesheets—again. / $15-35