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Josh Weiss, president & founder, LA Creative Technologies

Josh Weiss
President & founder, LA Creative Technologies

Year LA Creative Technologies was foundedLA Creative Technologies logo

Number of employees

Percentage of business that’s managed services

Your favorite conference and why
I plead the fifth.
Auvik logo
Where you get your industry news
Karl Palachuk’s weekly newsletter, Auvik blog, ReframeYourClients blog, ITGlue blog, and a Feedly feed of other vendor blogs.

Your regular coffee order
Medium dark roast with half and half

What’s on your smartphone home screen
Nine calendar widget, HabitBull activity tracking widget, and a few activity-based app folders: DO, SEE, LISTEN, WORK, TALK, etc.

How you run a meeting
Start on time and start by learning something about everyone at the meeting. Then keep to the meeting’s topic with as much humor as possible.

A typical work day for youman meditating

  1. Wake up
  2. Meditate and take a walk
  3. Eat breakfast
  4. Check for and address high-priority tickets
  5. Spend from 11 – 7ish at the office or meeting with clients
  6. The above is interspersed with meetings with my advisors: operations consulting, marketing consulting, vCIO service consulting, financial consulting, etc.
  7. Once I’m done with the work day, I either go try a new restaurant, go hear some music or keep working ON the business

Someone in computer networking whom you admire
Chris Butler from Sea Level Operations. He’s met with me every week for two years, helping design my managed services practice and always keeping me accountable and doing my best.

The one trait you look for in new hires

Your best personal productivity tip
Set reminders for everything with Google Assistant.

Peer or business networking groups you belong to
Ulistic marketing accountability group, ReframeYourClients MSP peer group
MSP profile music DJ
What you’d be doing if you weren’t an MSP
Organizing dance music events and DJ’ing at them (I do this already… but if only I had more time, I’d get to do it a lot more!)

A geeky secret you have
I love business frameworks and systems.

Podcasts — yes or no?
I want to listen to them but I always forget to.

What you wish all software vendors knew
Communicate with your customers and keep them in the loop, even when you’re having problems.

Best piece of conference swag you ever received
I got a shoulder bag at a music conference once that I carried all around Turkey for a few weeks. It served me well and also was a great conversation starter.
E-Myth Revisited Michael Gerber
A book you recommend for MSPs
I’ll be clichéd and say The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

The Terminator movies — science fiction or the future?
This is where I have to say I’ve never watched them. 🙂