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Jason Caras, Co-CEO, IT Authorities Inc.

Jason Caras
Co-CEO, IT Authorities Inc.

Year IT Authorities was foundedIT Authorities logo

Number of employees

Percentage of business that’s managed services
inc 5000 logo
Your favorite conference and why
The Inc. 5000 because those are the companies that are making the biggest difference. You get to rub elbows with other companies that are growing quickly and contributing to the economy. They’re all rainmakers.

Where you get your industry news
Google, MSPMentor

Your regular coffee order
Large dark with cream

What’s on your smartphone home screen
My two children
clock icon
How you run a meeting
On time, on topic, and with the three Bs (be bright, be brief and be gone).

A typical work day for you
Couple of hours with my kids in the morning. Drop off my daughter at school. Grab breakfast at the gym. Get into the office around 9. Meetings throughout the day. Work out at the end of the day. Back home for dinner with my kids.

Someone in computer networking whom you admire
My business partner, Jason Pollner. He’s super intelligent, very measured, patient, very detailed and super organized.

The one trait you look for in new hires
Culture and coachability.
Streaks iphone app
Your best personal productivity tip
Having tools to hold yourself accountable as to whether you did what you said you would do. I use an app on my iPhone called Streaks. It gives your visual clarity as to what you did or did not do. That’s what life boils down to – you either did it or you didn’t.

Peer or business networking groups you belong to
CEO Council of Tampa, Leadership Tampa Bay, Business-Wise, Business Breakfast Group 

What you’d be doing if you weren’t an MSP
Public speaker and author. I do a lot of speaking now, particularly talking with kids in detention centers and the juvenile justice system on how to transform their lives.

A geeky secret you have
I don’t know. I love gadgets — that’s about it.

audio books
Podcasts — yes or no?
Personally, no. I think they’re great but I don’t personally listen to them. I listen to audio books — mainly on leadership and personal development.

What you wish all software vendors knew
Our customers expect consistency.

Best piece of conference swag you ever received
I don’t go to a lot of conferences so I don’t know.

A book you recommend for MSPs
On general business topics, I’m a big fan of John Maxwell on leadership.

The Terminator movies — science fiction or the future?
Definitely the future. We’re seeing it now. It’s crazy.