Thomas Veira joined Auvik in September 2022 and quickly jumped into his role as an account executive. Soon after, Thomas was keen to get involved with our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive (DEI) task force to voice his opinions and support our efforts. We sat with Thomas to reflect on his highlights and accomplishments over the last five months, and what the future holds for him here at Auvik. To understand what it’s like starting as an account executive at Auvik, check out our previous interview with Patrick Leyte.

A highlight Thomas noted was closing his first “cold” sales deal. “Cold sales are something new for the organization. I was able to close my first ‘cold’ deal successfully and then quickly closed my second”. As a seasoned Account Executive, sales is always something he’s been passionate about, and he brought his knowledge to our MSP (Managed Services Providers) sales team. Thomas started his career in sales 24 years ago. He’s sold everything—from golf clubs, to telecommunications, to training software. Each day Thomas works with potential MSP customers who provide IT services to their clients. They require the right tools to do their jobs, and Auvik offers a solution for MSPs to serve their end clients better. “I started my career as a preacher. I didn’t continue down that road, and instead used my ability to connect with people and transitioned into sales. It’s rewarding and allows me to support my family.”

Beyond just the sale, it’s also important to Thomas that his customers have a smooth transition and onboarding plan. “I care about our customers and try to stay in touch with clients throughout their journey to continue building my relationship with them.” Wow Our Customers is an Auvik Way principle that Thomas lives by.

“I’ve always been very customer-centric, and if I continue to do that, then I’ll hit my goals. People buy from people they like, so I always put my best foot forward to satisfy the client. When I joined Auvik, the principle that stood out most was our emphasis on wowing the customer, which is how I operate.”

Outside of his day-to-day work, Thomas is passionate about our company culture, which led him to be part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) task force. “I raised my hand quickly after joining Auvik to get involved, and I’ve already felt my voice being heard.” The DEI task force runs a regular DEI survey and works together on a strategic action plan to enhance representation and ensure equity and a sense of belonging at Auvik.

“I’ve always had opinions—and had both good and bad experiences—so I find it valuable to use my voice to share my experiences. But not just for me, I want to do everything I can to support everyone’s voices to move forward.”

His most recent contribution was taking the lead for our Black History Month events in February to raise awareness, present different perspectives, and increase understanding across Auvik about racism and allyship. On behalf of the DEI task force Thomas hosted employees to speak about their own personal experiences, welcomed a guest speaker, and hosted a DJ Friday session to take us on a journey of the history of black music and its impact on culture. “Music has been a part of my life since I was young. I played in the church and was a choir director at one point.”

Auvik is on a quest to create the best network management system, and employees like Thomas are helping us achieve that. We also want to build a company where our employees are included and always learning. If you want to join the Auvik team, review our careers page.

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