LAN3 was a UK-based systems integrator with a focus on networking and cybersecurity. Since its founding in 2008, the company has thrived. But given recent market trends towards managed services, the directors decided it was time to evolve from a ‘hardware supplier that sells services’ to a ‘services company that supplies hardware.’

Thanks to its existing in-house service center that had long been supporting customers on hardware components, the company already had the skilled staff to offer a fully managed service.

What was missing was the technology system to ensure the team of 25 could efficiently and profitably deliver on 24/7 service level agreements.

Finding the right RMM

LAN3 began an intensive search for a remote monitoring and management system that could provide excellent visibility and assessment of a network, and proactively monitor a range of performance indicators. A cloud-hosted solution was a must, as an operational expense model and guaranteed uptime were high priorities.

Martin Jones, LAN3’s managing director, discovered Auvik through LinkedIn. “We tested a lot of RMM solutions but none of them sufficiently met our requirements — except Auvik. It took very little time to realize that Auvik’s network-centric functionality would help us make the transition to a true managed service provider.”

Driving the managed services business

Using Auvik as a foundation, LAN3 rolled out its new managed service offering in mid-2015 to very positive feedback from early clients. Since then, the company has continued to draw new customers and to upgrade existing clients.

LAN3 uses Auvik in three primary ways to drive its managed services business:

  • As a network discovery and topology tool to gain a full and accurate understanding of customer networks.

    “Auvik’s topology maps have proved invaluable to our support team and our customers, who often discover devices not previously documented and mapped.”
    – Mike Lydiat, LAN3 Service Centre Manager

  • As a real-time monitoring tool to not only alert when a device has failed, but also to indicate when systems are behaving out of the ordinary. The alerts help LAN3 to address performance trends before they become significant issues.

    “Addressing problems before they become real issues has increased our standing with our clients. Auvik’s troubleshooting capabilities help expedite problem resolution, which makes me and my team look good during contract review sessions.”
    – Martin Jones, LAN3 managing director

  • As a managed service proof of concept by running Auvik on prospective customer networks.

    “When pitching for new business, Auvik enables us to easily highlight the depth of our service. The interface, topology maps, and reporting functionality never fail to impress prospects. Once we get this far, we expect to win the account.”
    – Martin Jones, LAN3 managing director

Today, LAN3 is a fast-growing network integrator offering fully managed services to a range of corporate and public sector clients.

Say Jones, “With Auvik’s help, we are growing LAN3’s managed service ahead of schedule.”

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