Consider this a handy guide for dropping hints.

Cyber Clean

great gifts for techies Cyber Clean

Cyber Clean is goop you can safely use on electronic devices to clean in all those tiny, hard to reach places. It’s perfect for freshening up a grotty keyboard, for example. (If cooties really give you the creeps, check out the PhoneSoap Charger below).

/ $9

Faraday Bag

great gifts for techies Faraday bag protection

“Prepare and protect” is the motto of the Faraday Defense company. Whether you fear electromagnetic pulses or simply want some extra protection against cyberthieves, an aluminized Faraday bag is just the thing.

/ $15

The Seventh Sense

great gifts for techies The Seventh Sense

The world is changing and the MSP industry is changing right along with it. How can you see what’s coming and meet the challenges the future will bring? This book might be a good start.

From the publisher:
The Seventh Sense is the story of what all of today’s successful figures see and feel — forces that are invisible to most of us but explain everything from explosive technological change to uneasy political ripples. The secret to power now is understanding our new age of networks — not merely the Internet but also networks of trade and DNA and finance.

/ $20

IQ Test Kit

great gifts for techies IQ test kit

You’re smart, right? Well, here’s your chance to prove just how smart you are. Put your intellect to the test — literally — by completing the IQ test sealed inside the kit. Once you mail it off for assessment using the postage-paid envelope provided, just sit back and and wait for the certificate confirming your genius to arrive.

/ $23

Foot Cardigan

Foot Cardigan sock subscription great gift techies

If you’re into socks, then a Foot Cardigan subscription is a perfect fit for you. For just $9 a month, the company will send you different pair of rockin’ socks 12 times a year.

Not that into socks? Maybe just one statement pair from Absolute Ties will do the trick.

/ $9 a month


great gifts for techies Snapnator magsafe connector

Miss the MagSafe connector on that new Mac you have? Yeah, you do. Now you can enjoy that clickety feeling again with Snapnator, a magnetic power connector for all USB-C laptops including MacBook, Chromebook, Google Pixel and most smartphones.

/ $19


great gift for techies rapstrap

What network tech doesn’t need a good cable tie every now and again? Softer and more flexible, the rapstrap is an efficient alternative to plastic zip ties. Pull to secure the strap, cut off the end and you can use what’s left for another spot. You can also unhook a rapstrap and use it again somewhere else, making it a lot less wasteful than single-use zip ties.

/ £4


great gifts for techies Daemon Daniel Suarez

This gripping technothriller is already 7 years old but well on its way to becoming a genre classic. And hey, since it’s not a new release, it’s available in handy mass market paperback.

“Daemons: computer programs running independently of human control. They make life simple. They make our networked world possible. And they should not be taken for granted. Neither should the men who design them…”

/ $9

Fidget Cube

great gifts for techies Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is a six-sided device with a deliciously fidgety task on each face. From buttons you click to wheels you scroll, there’s bound to be something here to attract your fingers and keep them moving. Addictive!

/ $22


great gifts for techies hickies

Hickies are flexible plastic ties that let you slip your shoes on and off without ever tying a shoelace again. Great for kids or anyone who hates wasting two minutes doing the loop and swoop. Perfect for techs and service desk managers obsessed with efficiency.

/ $15

Portapow USB Adapter

great gift for techies PortaPow

Network pro and author Thomas Limoncelli calls these PortaPow devices a condom for your USB. “[It] plugs in between your normal cable and the computer and blocks the data lines,” which is recommended for good data hygiene. Be safe out there!

/ $8

GasLight Keychain

great gift for techies GasLight keychain

Don’t know about you but I’d love me a little steampunk illumination with my keys. The tiny lantern “charges passively by ambient light during the day and then glows after dark.” Available in dark aluminum, copper and brass, or titanium.

/ $29

PhoneSoap Charger

great gifts for techies PhoneSoap Charger

Have you seen the crud that grows on a mobile phone? Ew. That’s where the PhoneSoap Charger comes in. Place your phone in the device, and while your phone charges it also gets sanitized. Two UV-C lamps do the work, impairing the DNA of bacteria and viruses. I feel cleaner already.

/ $60