Imagine if your MSP business had an elite group of advisors—made up of some of the brightest minds in the business—standing by to give you advice.

Decades of insight and expertise on tap, there to safely guide you around pitfalls and share success strategies that have worked for them.

Imagine the kind of boost that might give you.


You picturing that?

That’s the opportunity we want to offer you with the Frankly MSP Brain Trust sweepstakes.

Here at Auvik we work with a lot of amazing MSPs. We know many of you have big plans. But you also have big questions.

Am I focusing on the right things? Making the right decisions? There’s so much to think about and so many paths you could choose.

We thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we could help answer some of those questions and get you closer to your goals? Heck, yes!

So we gathered 4 of the brightest minds in the biz

Each one of them is ready to provide two hours of individualized consulting to one lucky MSP. These are your brains:

Nigel Moore My Technology Business

Nigel Moore // Consulting on MSP operations

Nigel is the founder of the Tech Tribe, a worldwide community for MSPs. He started in IT support in 2003 and eventually sold his MSP in 2016. Nigel now mentors, trains, and creates resources for MSPs to build, run, and grow a successful business.

Nick Espinosa, Security Fanatics

Nick Espinosa // Consulting on cybersecurity

Nick is a nationally recognized speaker, Forbes columnist, radio host, and award-winning author on cybersecurity. On top of leading an MSSP called Security Fanatics, Nick sits on the Forbes Technology Council and serves on the board for Roosevelt University’s Center for Cyber and Information Security.

Marc Morin // Consulting on leadership & entrepreneurship

As the CEO of Auvik Networks, Marc is leading the channel-focused software company through rapid global expansion. A serial entrepreneur, Marc has previously co-founded several successful software companies, including PixStream (acquired by Cisco for USD$369 million) and Sandvine. Marc started his career as an embedded software engineer at HP.

Rob Rae // Consulting on sales & business development

As VP of Business Development at Datto, Rob oversees many of the company’s programs including community, events, vendor management, and the partner advisory board. Rob has 25 years of channel sales experience. His extensive awards and recognition in the channel include being Datto’s CRN Channel Chief every year since joining the company.

PLUS! We picked their brains on must-read books

We also asked each expert to select a business book that’s shaped their outlook or changed their business. The winner of the Frankly MSP Brain Trust sweepstakes also gets a free copy of each book shipped to their office.

AND we got them to spill answers to the questions they get asked the most.

There will only be one grand prize winner who gets two hours of consulting with each expert.

But the Frankly MSP Brain Trust is such a phenomenal opportunity that we wanted to offer a little piece of it to everyone. So if you enter your name to win, you’ll automatically unlock an exclusive podcast episode featuring all four experts.

You’ll get to listen in as Nigel, Nick, Marc, and Rob answer the questions they frequently hear from MSPs. This podcast episode is not available anywhere else.

So pop over to the Frankly MSP Brain Trust entry page to enter your name. Enjoy the podcast—and good luck on grabbing that power-up!