Last week, the Auvik crew travelled to DattoCon 2018. Here are some of the highlights.

DattoCon 2018

ChannelPro Network reported that DattoCon “drew over 1,600 MSP partners from 25 countries… making it the largest open ecosystem MSP event in the industry.”

The event took place in Austin, Texas, a city with a reputation for being creative and laid back. With Austin also being the first name of Datto CEO Austin McChord, opportunities abounded to have some fun with the conference vibe.

painting the mural at DattoCon 2018

Keep Austin weird moustache and t-shirt

Keep Austin weird! / far right photo: Focus Data Solutions

Austin kicked things off with a recap of Datto’s commitment to MSPs, a look at some new product launches, and the announcement that Autotask AEM is now called Datto RMM.

Datto CEO Austin McChord DattoCon 2018

Datto CEO Austin McChord

Datto CEO Austin McChord DattoCon 2018 Datto RMM

Is that a polar bear on the DattoCon main stage? Why, yes. Yes. it is.

Alex Hoff Auvik polar bear DattoCon 2018

Alex Hoff, Auvik VP of product & sales, on stage at DattoCon 2018

Each DattoCon sponsor got 30 seconds to deliver a pitch or tidbit of information. Auvik’s VP of product and sales donned the bear suit to tell a story of an MSP who was locked in a server room by their client. Unfortunately, Alex ran out of time before he could finish. You’ll hear him get the buzzer in the video below. sad trombone

Not to worry though! Right after the quick fire round was Alex’s breakout session on how to own your clients’ networks, where Alex finished the story. Folks were lined up at the door to attend, and inside it was a full house.

Alex Hoff Auvik Own the Network session DattoCon 2018

Lined up out the door to see the Own the Network breakout session from Alex hoff

In the afternoon, Robert Herjavec—perhaps best known for his appearances as an investor on TV’s Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank—delivered a well-received keynote.

Robert Herjavec Shark Tank keynote DattoCo 2018

photo credit: Darren Mak

On Tuesday night, Auvik, ID Agent, and Duo rented a boat to take 100 attendees on a bat tour! The underside of the Congress Avenue Bridge in Austin is home to million of Mexican bats, who migrate to the city in spring.

Armed (faced?) with bat masks, the crowd watched as the bats poured out in a wave at sunset. An amazing sight! Fun fact: 90% of the bats under the bridge are pregnant females.

bat boat tour Auvik DattoCon 2018

Bat masks on the bat boat!

bat bridge Austin Auvik DattoCon 2018

Approaching the bridge, waiting for sunset and the bats to emerge

bat boat bridge tour Auvik DattoCon 2018

A stream of bats as sunset approaches

No DattoCon would be complete without an epic disaster demo. As TSG Ltd. reports:

“Two firefighters came onto the stage and cut the server and then an appliance in half, then recovered virtual machines not once, but twice. Once using the Datto appliance and once using the Datto cloud DR. They were also brave/confident (delete as appropriate) enough to run the presentation from the recovered VMs in the cloud.”

disaster demo DattoCon 2018

photo credit: TSG Ltd.

Then came the moment that many had been waiting for—the Richard Branson keynote. At the beginning of the session, Richard walked over and removed Austin’s tie to make the discussion less formal. Austin then pulled out a “back up” tie. Good one, Austin!

Richard Branson keynote DattoCon 2018

photo credit: Richard Thompson

The final day of the conference wrapped up with an Auvik Arcade, where MSPs could hang out with a polar bear ice sculpture (naturally!), try their hand at a number of video and interactive games, and ham it up in the photo booth.

Auvik Arcade DattoCon 2018
Auvik Arcade games ice sculpture DattoCon 2018

photo booth Auvik DattoCon 2018

Photo booth fun at DattoCon 2018

photo booth Auvik own the network DattoCon 2018

Poutine, eh?

For a grand finale, the Spazmatics took the stage for a great concert. That bear—he’s everywhere.

Auvik polar bear Spazmatics concert DattoCon 2018