In a crowded MSP market, you need ways to differentiate yourself from the competition.

As MSP Charles Loves points out, “When you compare MSPs, the look and feel of the offering is often the same. So when the customer tries to compare MSP A, B, and C, what are the real differentiators they can leverage?”

You don’t want to end up in a situation where dropping prices is the only way to edge out firms with similar offerings. (According to CompTIA’s 2017 IT Industry Outlook, the biggest barrier to MSPs maximizing profit is pricing pressure.)

Offering discounts to win business is a race to the bottom you don’t want to be in. You need ways to differentiate yourself from the competition. Like offering managed network services backed by Auvik’s deep network insights.

Win the head-to-head battle—without compromising on price

Jason Whitehurst, the owner of NoctisIT, beat out a larger MSP in a client bid by proving he had a higher level of network insight.

Our most recent conversion had a quote from a company which is much bigger than us. I immediately installed Auvik, and I used it to show them the issues they were having with their infrastructure. Using Auvik as a selling tool has been significant in building the trust with the decision maker.

Even though Jason’s quote was higher than the larger MSP’s, NoctisIT won.

They still came in with us because, as they put it, ‘You showed us you had the resources to really know what was going on in our infrastructure.’

Stand out from all the others

A core Auvik feature is its ability to automatically discover and map a network, and to maintain that map in real-time. Not only does it help you better understand and support the client, it often impresses the pants off that client.

Says one partner:

When we’ve shown key contacts their topology, they’re like, ‘Whoa! I didn’t know you could see all this!’ And I say, ‘Yes, we can see it and we can monitor it.’

And another:

I showed them the Auvik maps and that really blew them away, that we were able to show them their network in real-time, show them we knew what their devices were. All of the complexity of the network—they had no clue how many wireless devices were connecting to their network, who was coming on and off their network, what their network looked like from a map perspective.

Land the whole account

When Robinson Roca was the lead network engineer at BBH Solutions, he shared a client with a competitor. BBH managed the network devices, while the competitor was responsible for the desktops and servers. But Robinson was able to earn the endpoint business away from his competitor because of Auvik’s seamless integrations.

After we presented how our RMM platforms roll up into a single pane of glass and offered deeper feature integrations, BBH was asked to begin monitoring all aspects of the [IT environment]. We won this whale of a deal because Auvik rolled up into our ticketing system.

Get out ahead of network issues—and competitors

Jason also says the proactive network monitoring they can deliver with Auvik gives his team a distinct competitive advantage.

No customer I’ve talked to has ever not been impressed by the fact that I have a real-time, functioning infrastructure map of their environment that I can use to immediately call out any issues. That’s helped us close clients because they see that we have visibility and nobody else does.