For weeks now, we at Auvik have been hinting at some big developments in the works.

Some of you eagle-eyed readers may have noticed the new page on our website called Auvik MSP Edition.

But we haven’t been ready to reveal details — until now.

This time next week, members of the Auvik team (including me and CEO Marc Morin) will be on the ground at Cisco Live in San Diego to officially unveil our new software system for managed service providers (MSPs).

We’ll be giving live demos and presentations to MSPs, VARs, and other IT pros throughout the four days of the event.

Why MSPs?

If you’re familiar with Auvik, you know we’re committed to helping businesses manage their networks more efficiently. For the last 12 months of software development, we’ve been pedal to the metal — talking to IT professionals, understanding their needs, and building the network management software that will make their lives easier.

Auvik network management software w Gartner Cool Vendor logo

Along the way, we attracted interest from a lot of managed service providers. They told us they’d love to use Auvik for helping their customers. It would make their lives easier but also help them deliver better service to their customers. So an MSP version of Auvik just made sense.

With Auvik MSP Edition, we’re able to bring amazingly simple, wickedly powerful network management to more businesses than ever before.

How is Auvik MSP Edition different than regular Auvik?

In most ways, it’s not. The MSP Edition has all of the features that make regular Auvik so powerful: fast setup, automated topology and inventory, pre-configured network monitoring, remote desktop management, and more.

But there are two major differences:

One is a master dashboard that allows MSPs to roll up multiple networks into a single account. So from one screen, an MSP can see every network they manage. One click takes them down into any individual network for more detailed analysis and troubleshooting.

The second is a set of integrations with professional service automation platforms such as ConnectWise. We’re continuing to build these out so that Auvik can easily support typical MSP workflows.

Auvik MSP Edition MSP rollup dashboard

A sneak peek at Auvik’s MSP dashboard

How is Auvik MSP Edition different than other MSP tools?

We’ve spent the last few months working with a select group of MSP alpha testers to figure out what needed to be in the best MSP network management system in the world. So there’s a ton that sets Auvik apart from competing products—all of it based on real-world needs.

Here are three of the attributes MSPs tell us they love the most:

  • Fast customer onboarding. Typically, it takes days of finicky setup and configuration to add a new customer to an MSP roster. But with Auvik, it takes minutes. Install Auvik on a customer network and the system automatically maps and inventories every device on the network and launches with pre-configured monitoring. Done and done.
  • A single dashboard. Every network that an MSP manages can be seen and accessed through one screen. A central dashboard brings incredible efficiencies to the work of juggling multiple networks all day long. Viewing, troubleshooting, or managing a whole roster of customers becomes as simple as clicking around a screen.
  • Incredibly easy RMM. MSPs are usually stuck building clunky VPN tunnels, one by one, to the various networks they manage. With Auvik, remote management through RDP, VNC, a terminal, or a web interface is only a click away. We’re talking just seconds to get into any machine on a network.
Auvik RMM remote management menu

Remotely manage any device from your Auvik dashboard

Bottom line: Auvik MSP Edition helps managed service providers deliver better service to more customers in less time. Everybody wins.

How can you see Auvik MSP Edition in action?

Auvik t-shirts at Cisco Live 2015

  1. Stop by booth #1236 at Cisco Live in San Diego.
    We’ll be in the World of Solutions exhibit hall from June 8 – 11, 2015. Look for the purple booth and these t-shirts showing off an Auvik map.If you’d like to drop by the hall but aren’t registered for Cisco Live, email us for a free pass.
  2. Book a 1:1 meeting at Cisco Live.
    We’re happy to chat with you one on one to answer your questions or talk about how MSP Edition will work in your specific environment. Ask about our reseller program too! If you’d like to connect at Cisco Live, fill out the form below to request a meeting.
  3. Request a phone call.
    If you’re not going to be at Cisco Live, you can still get a close-up look at MSP Edition. Fill out the form below to request a phone call and an Auvik team member will be in touch to book a remote demo.

Book a Cisco Live meeting or request a phone call