Articles written by Lindsay Windover-Kroes

Making Co-managed IT Work In the Real World (From Pros Who’ve Walked the Walk)

Simplex-IT CEO Bob Coppedge & Christian Health Ministries CIO Bryan Schultz discuss what has made their 10 year co-managed IT partnership…

Lindsay Windover-KroesJul 21, 2020

The MSP Summer Treat Wave Is Back for Another Year of Summer Giveaways

Auvik has teamed up with 9 of our friends in the channel to bring you 10 days of free summer giveaways and a chance to win a fun-filled…

Lindsay Windover-KroesJul 14, 2020

Managing IT Risk When Everyone’s Working Remote

Top IT & cybersecurity experts share their advice for leaders scrambling to contend with a new set of IT risks in a post-pandemic world.

Lindsay Windover-KroesJul 7, 2020
[image] Helping Your IT Team’s Productivity During the PandemicFrankly MSP blog icon

Helping Your IT Team’s Productivity During the Pandemic

Trying to boost your IT team's motivation and productivity during the pandemic? Here's how other IT leaders are getting their teams to do…

Lindsay Windover-KroesApr 28, 2020
[image] 7 Creative Ways IT Teams Are Helping Companies With the COVID-19 CrisisFrankly MSP blog icon

7 Creative Ways IT Teams Are Helping Companies With the COVID-19 Crisis

During COVID-19, IT teams are stepping up to help users adapt to how we live and work. Here are some stories to make you proud to be in IT.

Lindsay Windover-KroesApr 14, 2020

How IT Pros Will Help the World Come Out Stronger After COVID-19

With the upheaval of COVID-19, we depend on networks, and the IT pros who keep them running, more than ever. Here's how they're making an…

Lindsay Windover-KroesApr 7, 2020

5 Success Tips for MSPs Who Are Serious About Business Growth

Looking to scale your MSP business this year? Here are five tips from the experts at the MSP Growth Summit 2020 to fuel your business…

Lindsay Windover-KroesMar 10, 2020

3 Reasons to Join Us Online at the MSP Growth Summit

The first ever MSP Growth Summit is coming up on Feb 27, 2020. This free virtual event is designed to help experienced MSPs take their…

Lindsay Windover-KroesFeb 4, 2020

10 Tech Gadgets MSPs Hope to Find Under the Tree

Resigned to another year of socks and underwear? Instead, give your loved ones some gift ideas from this selection of 10 tech gadgets and…

Lindsay Windover-KroesDec 10, 2019
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