Articles written by Ethan Banks

Network Basics: Spanning Tree Protocol

For new networkers, Spanning Tree Protocol can be intimidating. But don’t worry! In this easy-to-understand intro, Ethan Banks walks…

Ethan BanksJun 9, 2022

Network Basics: What is EIGRP?

There are many different routing protocols to choose from, but folks in a predominantly Cisco network environment often choose Enhanced…

Ethan BanksMay 5, 2022

4 Common VPN Types (And When to Use Them)

Virtual private networks (VPNs) are a straightforward idea. The trick comes in knowing the different VPN types and when to use which.…

Ethan BanksFeb 16, 2022

The No Sweat Guide to Effective Switch Management

Switches are a critical network link & switch management is an important job. Learn how to choose a good location, design an uplink, &…

Ethan BanksJan 28, 2022

What is an Access Control List (ACL)?

Learn common uses for access control lists (ACLs), the different kinds of lists, and how to implement ACLs effectively.

Ethan BanksJan 13, 2022

Network Basics: Configuring Interfaces on Ethernet Switches

As a network administrator, you'll likely configure interfaces more than any other thing. Learn how to do it right and stay in control of…

Ethan BanksJan 11, 2022
[image] Setting Up a Redundant Internet Connection With BGPblog icon

Setting Up a Redundant Internet Connection With BGP

One of the most critical network links in any organization is the link to the Internet. Here’s how to configure a redundant Internet…

Ethan BanksDec 2, 2014
[image] Networking Basics: OSPF Protocol Explainedblog icon

Networking Basics: OSPF Protocol Explained

OSPF is one of the few network protocols you can count on being available just about anywhere. Learn the principles of OSPF protocol, and…

Ethan BanksNov 4, 2014
[image] Network Basics: Enterprise WAN Routerblog icon

Network Basics: Enterprise WAN Router

WAN routers perform a critical function in an organization’s network infrastructure. Learn how to run them well in this intro to WAN…

Ethan BanksJun 18, 2014