Resigned to another year of socks and underwear? Instead, give your loved ones some gift ideas from this selection of tech gadgets and accessories.

ember smart mug

1. Ember Smart Mug

Cost: $80 – $120 depending on size

The Ember Smart Mug keeps your drink at the exact temperature you prefer, so the last sip of coffee is as warm as the first. It lasts all day on the rechargeable coaster and comes with a smartphone app to get your temperature settings just right.

Tesla lighter

2. Tesla Lighter

Cost: $17

This lighter has no flame. It uses electromagnetic induction to power its electric arc, making it completely windproof. It’s an affordable way to own a piece of Tesla technology, while you wait for the windshield issues to get sorted out on the Cybertruck.


Encrypted USB Key

3. Encrypted USB Flash Drive

Cost: $79 for 8GB

There are a variety of secure USB drives out there, but the Aegis Secure Key 3z is ideal for the on-the-go life of an MSP. With a rubber exterior, aluminum build, and IP58 protection against dust and wear, it’s a sturdy little device that’ll keep your data safe.


Christmas Keyboard Set

4. Christmas Keycap Set

Cost: $54

Bring some Christmas spirit to your desk with this festive keycap set from Varmilo, which features Santa’s reindeer taking off from the space bar.



5. Fingerbot

Cost: $25 early bird price

Fingerbot is essentially a remote-controlled button-presser, which gives you smart home convenience without having to replace all of your appliances. Whether you want to turn on your coffee maker from bed or plan an elaborate Home Alone-style booby trap, this could be a useful tool for the holiday season.

Mint H Wireless Beeper

6. Mint H Wireless Item Beepers

Cost: $25

Always scrambling to find your keys? Feel like someone’s always hiding your glasses on you? Stick these small wireless beepers to any items around the home or office that you frequently lose, and use the remote to track them down. MSP consultant Richard Tubb even reports that they worked on his cat’s collar (depending on the temperament of your cat, your experience may vary).

Tactical Pen

7. Smith and Wesson Tactical Pen

Cost: $30

Do you need a pen made of aircraft aluminum that can be used to break glass? Probably not, but it’s pretty cool. This sturdy refillable pen also includes a stylus, in case that helps you justify it.


Pockit Pro

8. Pockit Pro

Cost: $95 on pre-order

This tool combines a multimeter, oscilloscope, and logger in a tidy handheld format. It’s beloved by makers for its versatility and has surpassed its Kickstarter funding goal 36 times over. It’s slated to ship in May.


Reusable Rubber Gear Ties

9. GearTie reusable rubber twist ties

Cost: $5

You can never have too many cable ties—and these reusable rubber ties are the best ones out there, according to over a thousand five-star Amazon reviews.

'Cut In Half' book

10. Cut in Half: the Hidden World Inside Everyday Objects by Mike Warren

Cost: $27

This book, based on the YouTube channel of the same name, gives you a unique view into the gadgets and tools in your everyday life. Mike Warren uses a high-pressure waterjet cutter to bisect common objects and explain their inner workings. Fascinating stuff!

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