Auvik’s secure cloud-based software is
designed to deploy in minutes.

Get Auvik up and running with little effort and immediately begin seeing the benefits

Auvik’s lightweight collector takes minutes to install, and Auvik immediately begins discovering network devices as soon as it’s done. Combined with Auvik’s intuitive design, everyone from novice techs to experienced engineers will be comfortable using our software.

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Deploy and use Auvik from anywhere

Auvik’s software can be accessed from a web browser and, since it’s cloud-based,  you’ll receive automatic upgrades and unlimited storage. No maintenance or patches required.

Windows, Virtual Appliance, Physical Appliance, Easy deployment

Lightweight Collector

Avoid costly equipment and site visits during setup

Most of Auvik runs in the cloud, but to access and communicate with your environment, we use a collector that runs on your site’s network. The collector is available through an OVA installation, bash installation, or as a lightweight Windows service.


Support highly diverse networks with ease

Auvik works out of the box with any device that supports SNMP, CLI, rest APIs, cloud APIs, and more, meaning it’s compatible with over 15,000 network device types from more than 700 vendors. When it’s deployed, Auvik works with whatever network gear you already have and eliminates the need for your techs to get to know every different operating system and languages across devices.

Boost your team’s productivity and efficiency with Auvik integrations

Auvik’s network monitoring and management software integrates with many popular IT service management and business tools to give you full access to real-time network data all in one spot.

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Get all of the information you need all in one place

Integrate Auvik with popular PSAs and ITSMs like ServiceNow, Autotask, ConnectWise Manage, and Freshdesk to centralize ticketing and documentation from all of the sites you’re responsible for managing.

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Business Intelligence

Simplify how you report on and visualize network data

Integrate Auvik with business intelligence tools like BrightGauge, CloudRadial, and Global Dash for easy and automated reporting on network metrics, assets, inventory, alerts, and more.

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Notification Channels

Never miss an Auvik alert

Auvik integrates with communication tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and email to allow you to send alerts to your chosen channel. By choosing one channel, you can centralize your alerts from all of your different monitoring tools, so you never miss an alert.

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Remote Monitoring & Management

Easily manage everything from endpoints to network infrastructure

Auvik integrates with RMMs like ConnectWise Automate and Continuum Command to show you real-time Auvik maps and dashboards, and give you access to Auvik MSP administration functions.

Create powerful, automated workflows with Auvik data

Auvik APIs allow you to pull various data points from Auvik and integrate them into a third-party application or use the data yourself.

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Alert History

Easily identify trends in your alert history

With Auvik’s Alert History API, you can pull alert history for a trailing time period into your own reporting tools. With the alert history visualized all in one place, you can analyze trends and identify problem devices.

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Eliminate siloed and duplicate data from your workflow

Using Auvik’s Inventory API, you can pull important inventory information about devices—such as names, IP addresses, interfaces, firmware versions, and configurations—from Auvik, and move it into your own asset management system.

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Maintain accurate, up-to-date data across all of your systems

Need to bring Auvik data into your reporting tool to create customized management reports? Or do you have all your monitoring solutions feeding a single NOC dashboard? The Statistics API gives you access to the same data that powers the dashboards in Auvik.

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Create custom integrations for alert notifications

Do you use an ITSM that doesn’t have a pre-built two-way integration with Auvik? Use incoming webhooks to create tickets in any ITSM. Control which alerts should trigger the webhook. Update the Auvik alert with your ticket ID and close out the alert using the Dismiss Alert API for a 2-way sync.

Feel confident in a platform that’s been built from the ground up with security safeguards in mind

Auvik leverages two-factor authentication, role definition, permission configurations, and audit logs to boost security and ensure only authorized users make changes to the network.


Mandatory 2FA & SSO

Make sure those accessing the network are who they say they are

All Auvik password users must enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to access our software. To make the process simple and convenient, you can centralize your security settings with your identity provider and—if you use a Microsoft work account or Google G Suite account to log into Auvik—we’ll let them handle the 2FA per your organization’s policy.

Role Based Access Control - screenshot

Role Based Access Control

Share network info with the people you choose at the access levels you want them to have

With Auvik, you get granular control over who can do what when using our software, meaning you can easily define roles and configure permissions. You can give an employee read and write access to these 10 sites but not those 8, or allow them to see configurations without being able to make any changes. It’s all up to you.

Audit Logs - screenshot

Audit Logs

Verify who’s connecting to and making changes to the network

You can access a complete history of all user changes to sites, devices, credentials, alert definitions, and networks, as well as restoration of config backups. With this info, you can be confident in who on your team is taking action on your behalf and easily see when someone’s done something in Auvik they shouldn’t have.

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