Auvik automates network management
tasks directly out of the box.

Complete your network picture in minutes with automated mapping, inventory, and documentation

Your days of wire tracing, port mapping, and reverse engineering network connections based on VLAN or IP assignments are over. Auvik automates network discovery to give you complete network visibility and control—and it keeps all of your information up to date as the network evolves, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Discovery And Mapping - screenshot

Discovery & Mapping

Know exactly what’s on the network and how it’s all connected in real-time

Auvik pulls data from sources like CDP, LLDP, and forwarding tables to meticulously model the Layer 1 network diagram. Layers 2 and 3 are built from ARP tables, IP assignments, and VLAN associations to show you exactly what’s on the network, where it is, and how it’s connected.

Inventory And Documentation - screenshot

Inventory & Documentation

Get full details for every device on the network

Auvik’s automated inventory uses network protocols to detect and capture full details for every device on the network including make and model, serial number, IP address, and the physical switchport the device is connected to. If you know which device you’re looking for but don’t know where it’s located, you can easily find the device and every other device it’s connected to.

Hardware Lifecycle Data - screenshot

Hardware Lifecycle Data

Easily identify devices that need to be upgraded or replaced

Auvik pulls lifecycle data from supported devices to show you whether they’re on current or expired support contracts, whether there are more up-to-date software versions available, if devices are eligible to receive critical security updates, and if devices are still available for purchase.

Respond to network issues in real-time and protect your users from unnecessary downtime

Auvik streamlines and simplifies network monitoring and troubleshooting to help you keep your users connected to business critical resources.

Alerts And Notifications - screenshot

Alerts & Notifications

Stay on top of network events with preconfigured & customizable alerts

As soon as it’s deployed, Auvik begins monitoring the network with over 50 pre-configured alerts tuned to industry best practices and ranging from informational to emergency. And don’t worry, you can tweak pre-configured alerts, add your own, and choose how often you receive notifications for each one.

Live And Historic Data - screenshot

Live & Historic Data

Get real-time metrics about of your network as it changes—and go back to review the data whenever you need

Auvik is constantly monitoring and polling your network—from topology to config history to device performance—to give you a real-time look at your network at a single point in time. The network data Auvik detects is stored for years, giving you a rich archive for troubleshooting, analysis, planning, and reporting.

Syslog - screenshot


Get to the root cause of network issues faster and reduce your MTTR

With syslog in Auvik, you don’t have to worry about losing important logs or having to log into different devices from different vendors and make sense of the patchwork information you find. Auvik centralizes log data for all your network devices across all your sites, allowing you to search and filter to get to the root cause of network issues and troubleshoot them faster.

VPN Monitoring - screenshot

Vpn Monitoring

Protect remote workers from VPN capacity issues

When SSL VPN monitoring is enabled on a firewall in Auvik, you can instantly see how many VPN sessions are in use and if you’re approaching your license limit. You’ll save hours otherwise spent manually collecting the data one device at a time and protect remote users from unnecessary downtime caused by capacity issues.

Internet Connection Check - screenshot

Internet Connection Check

Instantly know if internet connectivity issues are caused by the network or the ISP

VoIP calls not working? Video conferencing lagging? Auvik gives you the data you need to see if your ISP is experiencing higher than usual latency, dropped packets, or jitter. You’ll also be the first to know when we can no longer reach your site’s default gateway or your site’s primary internet connection has failed over to a secondary connection. Managing multiple sites using different ISPs just got a whole lot easier.

Maintain up-to-date device configuration backups as they change with no manual effort

Backing up your network devices is a crucial and painfully manual part of your backup and disaster recovery strategy. With Auvik, it’s all taken care of.

Configuration Backups - screenshot

Configuration Backups

Have up-to-date device configurations directly at your fingertips

Auvik scans network devices for configuration changes every 60 minutes. If the running config has been altered, the latest config is automatically backed up. The old config gets logged into a version index that’s always available for review.

Configuration Comparison - screenshot

Configuration Comparison

Stop having to guess what’s changed between configurations

Select any configuration in your device’s version history and immediately see which configuration elements have been added, edited, or removed with an easy color-coded system.

Configuration Restore - screenshot

Configuration Restore

Instantly bring back any configuration from the version history

When a network device dies or fat fingers make a mistake changing a device configuration, you won’t have to figure out what went wrong while your users fume without service. Simply hit Auvik’s configuration restore button to instantly bring things back to the way they were. Alternatively, export the config and apply it to a new device.

Get deep visibility into traffic flows across the network with Auvik TrafficInsights

Auvik pulls traffic data from any device that supports NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9, J-Flow, IPFIX, or sFlow to show you who’s on the network, what they’re doing, and where their traffic is going. Even when the traffic’s encrypted.

Applications And Protocols - screenshot

Applications & Protocols

Identify which applications are being used and if they’re business-critical

TrafficInsights leverages machine learning and traffic classification to show you which applications—like Dropbox, Netflix, or Slack—or protocols are using up the bulk of the network’s bandwidth so you can confidently make the case for a network upgrade or expansion.

Top Talkers - screenshot

Top Talkers

Easily see which devices are hogging all the bandwidth

When investigating a network traffic spike retroactively or in real-time, you can immediately identify who’s behind the bandwidth hogging using easy-to-read charts showing top source addresses, destination addresses, conversations, and ports.

Geolocation - screenshot


See exactly where traffic is going when it leaves the network

TrafficInsights displays real-time traffic source and destination data in a simple world map. If you identify traffic is being received from or delivered to an unauthorized or unexpected country, you can dig deeper to verify if the traffic is legitimate or malicious, and take necessary steps to protect the network.

Flows - screenshot


Dig into device flow data for more insights

If the analyzed data in the applications and protocols, top talkers, and geolocation views isn’t quite enough to solve your issue and you need to dig deeper, you can dive into sampled flow records for all the information you need.

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